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best strain of auto flowers to use for best yield

Discussion in 'International Marijuana News' started by blackwiddow93, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. was just wondering what strain would be best to use for the most yield :) previous experinces would be good :)
  2. Good question
  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  4. It would depend on where you live and how you're growing it (indoors, outdoors etc).
  5. If indoors what lighting system? CFL, HPS, LEDs???
  6. East Coast, Indoors, DWC, 400w MH/HPS...best strain?
  7. Whys this in international news?

    If yield is a big concern, don't do autoflowers, and in my experience they're fault genetics. It's not hard to flip lights to 12/12
  8. Breaking international news! blackwiddow93 wants to know the best strains of auto flowers to use for best yields!!!

  9. Yea, we could use some more mods. They are working on it, just do your best to follow the rules and point the mods in the right direction when it is necessary.
  10. If your using a 400w then your yeild will still do well depending on your expectations. Best yielding Auto in my experience is the Big Buddha Seeds - Critical Mass Automatic strain. If you were to grow them in 11litre pots then your looking a yield of around 1.5oz upwards if all conditions are 'perfect'.

    Best option if your looking a quick turn around time and higher yield would be 12/12 from seed but only certain strains perform well under 12/12 from seed! I used Greenhouse Seeds - Pure Power Plant and they did extremely well 12/12 from seed. Do your research and you will find a method most comfortable for you.

    P.S if your looking really big yeilds you really need to upgrade to a 600w lamp :)

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