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best strain for suppressing Bipolar disorder?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by thedon420, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I suffer from cannibinoid suppressed bipolar disorder and I noticed that weed from different sources is effective in keeping my mind stable, All I've had to experiment with are unnamed mids. what strain would most likely be the best for controling the mood swings? I couldn't find anything about it on the desease speciffic list.
  2. these ones seem like they would help Romulan, Northern Lights#5, Hindu Kush, OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Ak47 x WW, or M-39..
  3. I'm diagnosed with bipolar disorder also. I find that the best mood enhancers are hazes. My favorites are Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze.:yummy:

  4. Most any Sativa dominant strain. Do not construe this as medical advice though; it's best dicussed with a professional. Was lithium a problem for you?

    Oh and hello fellow Pittsburgher. I hope you find the best strain to help you out. :smoking:
  5. I would reccomend Jack Herrer, Sour Diesel, OG Kush.
  6. thanks to all of you, I wasn't officially diagnosed, but when I go too long without smoking, I'm feeling insomnia that night, depression by day 3, and textbook example manic depressive episodes by days 5-7, and I developed depression in 4-5 years ago that disappeared when I started smoking. I don't want to get diagnosed, until PA gets an MMJ program going. I don't want to have to deal with the rediculose regiment of mood stabilizers, and a near toxic dose of lithium, when I can just smoke to stay normal.
    I'm going to try to find someone that has any of those strains. Are there any strains that I should try to avoid, or that aren't effective?
  7. dont mean to get off subject here and be that guy, but reading this just brought up yet another reason why marajuana should be lagalized
  8. How about an update, guys? Do you gentlemen think Af-wreck, and Juicy Fruit are good for the cause? I would go for what seems to be reliable N.L. #5, but it's a rare strain around here.
  9. It really depends. I have ADHD which looks like Bipolar mania and it's all Indica for me. I am not depressed but I can't stop my mind at bedtime. If you are depressed go with a sativa. My disp has green crack in stock that will be my trial sativa. 
  10. Two different types of bi-polar first off. So It depends. Also depends on what you personally like just as anyone on the normal side would.

    Romulan, blueberry, GDP, purple urkle, hybrid kushes do well.

    Sativa: sour diesel, train wreck, durban poison the jacks and some hybrid haze. Haze is good in general but usually if you have a seperate cbd stash

    I highly reccomend GDP, durban posion, and romulan

    Depends on where you are in your cycle
    Bipolar is an emotional roller coaster as it is smoke in predetermined amounts and times. Takes a while to get a system down but it keeps cannabinoid levels that have anti-psychotic and antixylotic properties at a steady level. Its one of those drugs that can be thought of as having 2-4 weeks to build to the level it will rest. Random smoking is like taking prozac willy nilly.
    (Most people however are able to smoke at will and be fine, bipolar is a special case in which I have observed a noticeable benifit from keeping steady levels and you gotta adjust dose everyone is different)

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