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Best strain for sex

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by PEIGuy, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. My wife and I enjoy some herb before sex: makes it that much better. There's a good chance that some strains produce a better sexual experience than others: what strain(s) have you used to add a little spice, and why was a particular strain better than another ? What effect did it give that improved sex ?
  2. I think smoking sativa's would be best. Indica's give you the lazy couch-lock high. With sativa's you have energy and want to move around so I think getting a nice sativa or sativa dominant strain will work best for you :)

    Oh and I've never had sex on weed :( this is all assumptions...but I'm sure you won't mind trying out different options :p
  3. Dunno about best but sour diesel is good for everything
  4. I was JUST thinking the same thing..
  5. i was gonna say sativa, probably more pleasurable.
    id think with something leaning more towards indica it would be hard to focus :D
  6. Purple Erkle used to get my ex GF horny as shit.

  7. Thanks for the reply: I must admit, never heard of this purple...is it Sativa or Indica dominant ?

    Interesting how the Sat/Ind opinions are split. I would personally prefer an Indica, but as I have never smoked a pure strain, I'll have to add this to my bucket list :)

    Two of you guys mentioned Sour Diesel: I just sent off $$ to pick up some NYC Diesel and Blueberry, so give me a few months and I'll report back on its effectiveness!

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