Best Strain For Pain Relief Arm Rotater Cuff Tear

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by mowjoe, May 27, 2013.

  1. Hey Fellow blades, whats a good strain for pain relief? Must be able to keep on working though. Thanks!

  2. For me headband is amazing for pain relief.
  3. I would get a strong indica. OG Kush always worked for me.
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    Definitely some sort of indica. Might want a hybrid though, if you need to work and you're the type that gets real sleepy.
    Of course, you could smoke a pure indica and drink something with caffeine to keep you alert.
  5. afghani crosses
    or at least a hybrid that leans indica dominate
  6. If you want total numbness try white rhino, if you want to be able to function try blueberry or something with its genetics, also try hash and extracts, wax, bho,shatter etc they always numb pain no matter what the strain as long as its high grade of course.
    Do you get a clicking when you move your should back and forth?

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