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Chronic Pain Best strain. For pain and insomnia

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Dorothyofoz55, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. I have chronic pain in numerous areas of my body, won't bore you with details. Also have trouble sleeping and some anxiety. What is the best strain for pain ? I'm retired and don't go out much, so I don't have a problem if I'm high, would actually prefer to be. Also Need help for insomnia and anxiety. Thanks.

  2. Try and get cheese if you can, I live in the UK and its pretty much all we get around here, I get bad chest/back pain and anxiety the strain cheese seems to numb the pain and stop my anxiety.
  3. Look for an indica based strain, that will give you couch lock and should help lull you to sleep. Try a sativa for daytime "upper" use, much more creative and energetic. Find a hybrid to balance the two.
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  4. Oh, and try to hunt down CBD strains. They are more designed to assist with pain.
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  5. Thanks.
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  6. Good luck and hope you find relief!
  7. My wife suffers neck and muscle pain from an old car wreck.
    Afghan Kush is a nice indica for those symptoms.
    Good for sleep too.
  8. any purple strain ( indica) or cbd strain... sativas can slow down pain but in some cases may intensify pain so be careful with them..
  9. Romulan might set you right. I have extreme chronic pain and insomnia (why I got my card), and the Romulan is the best thing I've found for sleeping. Works for pain, too.
  10. I love the strain gelato for insomnia and pain! It gets me high as soon as it touches my mouth... and for me it lasts all day long! It's worth it!

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  11. I like Aurora Indicia for my pain. I understand I'm disabled as well, but hate big Pharma! So I try to buy strains that are usually medical strains! Hope your anxiety and chronic pain gets better.

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  12. Thanks for your help guys. Now I just have to wait about three more weeks to get my card before I can go to the dispensary.
  13. The best strain for that shit is Richie rich look it up the discription literally says use for pain
  14. A lot of the time what you hear is good for insomnia or pain is not available. When you get your card and go to the dispensary, just tell them what you're looking for.. Are you okay with being tired in the day time? I can't smoke Indica in the day time. It makes me want to go to sleep and wish I could go to sleep but it doesn't put me to sleep. It's a weird feeling.
  15. Everyone is a little different when i first tried mj for pain i bought only the high cbd strains and was about to give up when a bud tender suggest bluedream it changed my world! Nowadays I like sativa sour diesel, Tangie, stardog and tangerine dream i switch it up seems to help with tolerance once i find a good med via my vaporizer i make an oil out of it, for me oral meds work better and last longer at night i use a high cbd/indica oil its lights out for me..,,
  16. I find edibles are best for night time pain management. I make peanut butter fudge with infused coconut oil to control my pain and let me sleep. Daytime, I can use indicas with good results, but I use a vaporizer so I can control my pain and stoniness at the same time.
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