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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mike_2354, May 3, 2006.

  1. hey wuts the best strain for outdoor grows..where i live it usually gets to about 70-80 in june and in july high 80's right now its usually 60 and 70's.... i got a bush where i can outdoor grows stealthy... i just want to know whats a good strain and should i buy it off this site or locally? also when i click the details on the seeds on this site it says shipping restrictions canada us and germany...does that mean thats the only place it ships to or where it doesnt ship?
  2. dont buy seeds if your a noooby grower which i am guessing you are use some free bagseed that no one wants. Thats how i started and first was ok. then with that experience my second was amazing.
  3. free bagseed? wuts that
  4. wow are you sure you smoke?
    its the seed that sometimes comes in the bag?!
  5. lol ya i burn at times but im not a everyday stoner like most... i just never new what bag seed was now ido
  6. Yea bagseed is great for first time growers, let the seeds sit for a month out of the bud before you plant them directly in the soil. this works the best i find they should sprot in about 4 to 5 days. no need to germinate them:rolleyes:

  7. How do you differentiate between the terms SPROUT and GERMINATE??

    I thought they generally meant the same thing, ie a seed producing a root.
  8. as in sprouting out of the soil probably.
  9. do you think they would grow in my climate and how long do they usually take before harvest?

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