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Best Strain for migraines

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by thenewkevsters, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. My mom has had horrible migraines for years.
    She's tried and done eveything and so i told her that she needs to get her card. But they are pretty $ so i was just going to pick her up a G just to see if it help and if not she wouldnt get her card. My question is whats the best strain for migraines. I think i need a Sativa for my mom so i was thinking trainwreck but idk. Any suggestions
  2. Any strong indica.
    I suggest Velvet kush or OG kush. Both of these are great for the behind the eyes feeling.

    You may get a bit of the Couch lock so be prepared to sit and enjoy.

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    I actually VERY much prefer sativas when i get a migraine. Super silver haze, or trainwreck are good ones for me. Some indicas seem to not cure it as well for me. Even though most say indica is pain relief, I think the way sativa makes your head buzz is a perfect antidote for migraines.
    edit:eek:ther buds i found effective
    pot of gold
    white widow
    white russian
  4. haze and white russian really helped out when i had massive migraines:smoke:
  5. Would hash work against migraines? I have a migraine like three or four times a year, and they always seem to pop up during parties (if I have had as much as a single beer, the migraine will make me throw up). I'm asking because I have better access to hash than pot (the choice is between an unknown pot strain and an unknown skunk strain).
  6. trainwreck will work
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    I second OG Kush
  8. Afgoo, Thai Stick, Purple Kush, and Bubba Kush would all be good for migrains. Really any heavy indica should do the job pretty well.

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