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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gr0wer, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. I need a strain that is low, like at or under 2'. I will be growing in soil indoors and would like to grow some serious seed. I would like the most powerfull stuff with a mellow high i dont care much about the yield and will be happy as long as its top grade stuff. Any recomendations?Thanks
  2. dude i read the other post thingy and well they were trying to say that before u even think about another grow u need to get a better bigger light and the whole bucket thing u need 5 gallons for rooting not for a grow bucket thing that u were doing u need have the bucket filled with dirt all the way and the plant in it i think i would go to sids forum thing under his sig and save it as a favorite and i g2g peace hoko
  3. im not goinf to worry about my first grow much it will work out, while i have my first one going in the bucket i will be building 2 3'x6'x2.5' pits and build boxes inside of that out of plywood with 2" foam insulation around them. Im going to buy the metal hailide lights im thinking 4 2per box have one box for veg and one for flowering doing it in 3-4 week batch rotation having a total of 32 plants. any strain recomendations?
  4. NL will probabaly be best suited to your needs.....very resiliant and a nice high.......Peace out......Sid

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