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Best Strain for Making out? :D ^_^

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by lolazoopa, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. I'm in WA state. Me and my bf just discovered the medicine. Some strains make us anxious and paranoid. Some strains are good for watching movies.

    Looking for a strain that will shut the mind down. No thoughts and we can just be in the moment and kiss. Suggestions please? Thanks _^
  2. Jack and Coke

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  3. How old are you? You sound about 12 billy why would anyone smoke weed to make out? Smfh
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  4. #4 Dr. Natty Light, Aug 22, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
    OP's post made me feel kind of uncomfortable and weird but these replies came through for me.

    edit: Just when I thought I had escaped...

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  5. Gorilla of both worlds, and you will be couch locked for a Loooong time..
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  6. Welp, that's enough GC for today. OP stay in school... and write in a diary or something. And don't get preggers
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  7. It is sad how unwelcoming blades are here at times. I wonder why I don't come back, then I see asshattery.

    OP. Experiment with strains until you find the right spot. From what you are asking I would suggest Indica heavy strains.

    The rest of you...grow the fuck up.
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  8. Agree, but GG#4 seems different to me..I hardly ever like a Sativa of a Sativa leaning strain..BUT!!
    I wish they were not clone only or I would grow some..I do have some GW#4 cooking though..;)
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  9. Being serious Why would you ask for strain that helps you make out though? Imagine going into a dispensary and saying that the budtender would laugh you out the shop..
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  10. I would like to plea "not guilty" to said accusations of asshattery.

    I'm not regular enough anymore to deserve such a harsh branding.
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  11. that's probably why OP asked here instead
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  12. Awesome. I will give this a try. I found a local place with GG :D
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  13. I still have a screenshot of that old post....

    Not suprised your in here.
  14. I'd suggest Blueberry or some cross of it.
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  15. o so scary
  16. Oh yeah..Blueberry..growing a BC Early BB now..:)
    VERY good strain too!!;)

    8-16-17 closet.jpg
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  17. Purple Kush will arouse the horniness in you. Trust.

    The violet spectrum of light is lover's setting and the plant will let you know ;)

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