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Best Strain for Indoor PC Stealth Grow?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by dw_3231, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I am starting a pc stealth grow next month (I have some outdoor experience but want to move indoors for a year round personal grow), using soil and CFL's.

    I'd like to make this thread about the best indica or indica hybrid (auto-flowering or not) for a 1-2 plant grow with height restriction. The total height will be approx 22 inches, with the bulbs at the top horizontally taking up 2 inches and the planter with soil taking up maybe 6, a net of 14 inches.

    The grow case will have an adjustable shelf (I'll be posting a grow journal once I have it all ready for comments), which at first will be used to put the plants close tot he lights, then when they are approx 6 inches tall, use the screen on top of the plants for Scrog. Alternatively, I could do a straight LST and save some space. I'll most likely try both ways with bag seed to get comfortable with the methods before buying seeds from a bank.

    In any case, I would like to get opinions on which strains best meets the following guidelines:

    1. Low vertical growth - 6 inches into a Scrog with room for 6 more inches of cola growth.

    2. Stealth - as this is a stealth grow, skunks need not apply :D.

    3. Yield

    4. Ease of use with LST or Scrog methods - some strains are naturally more adaptable to these low height methods (so I have read).

    I'll start by throwing out:

    Northern Lights:
    Northern Lights Marijuana Strains

    Big broad leaves and large buds, highly adapted for indoor growing, high yielding, 6-8 week flowering period.

    I'd love to hear what others think!
  2. Im also interested in different strains for my stealth grow. Can someone please add to this list?
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    By no means am I an expert but I am looking at the lowryder and lowlife strains for my future stealth grow. I think those strains ,which come in many different varieties,are ideal for small space like micro growing and for large closet or basement grows. From what ie read the best for the beginner is probably easyryder,but try to find some seeds! my second choice is just lowryder #2 or possibly snowryder.
  4. Ive read about Cinderella 99 (C99) its supposed to be like a dwarf plant with high yields and fast flowering. Is this still readily available?
  5. i'd go with bogbubble ... a bubblegum x NL5 cross. bog is a grower in canada and i think you can pick up his genetics thru bcbuddepot. i grew this for my first grow (the trainer grower) i ended up with 3 females and a yield of about 5 oz....i didn't FIM, and flowered for 8 weeks. it was a really a screwed up grow (i overfed and then I screwed the pooch on lighting -- ended up getting a timer).
  6. I have a 7 foot tent and ordered feminized yumbolt 47 and fruity chronic juice.

    It looks ridiculous. They were both so tiny.

    I've got one in there right now scrogged out to about 2 x 3 1/2 feet and it's only about 20 inches tall altogether.

    Both are 90% indica according to the package.

    Fruity chronic juice is vigorous and sturdy as hell.

    Best of luck sir.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Lets keep this list going. =]

    Where are our pros at? Lets see what we can come up with.
  8. I have seen amazing results with Cinderella 99 in a rubbermaid growbox online,yielded like 5 ounces after curing which is great for a stealth grow. Sadly i can't find the damn link,sorry.
  9. I'm not a pro or anything, but I know that more indica=more short and stocky.

    A friend of mine is doing a PC case grow and I gave him 2 of the yumboly 47 clones and he's scrogging them in there right now.

    Check out a grow journal here that's like "5 flavors papaya, moham ram, trainwreck, yumbolt 47 and flower".

    He says the yumbolt 47 was the biggest producer and the best weed he's personally ever grown.

    It might work well for ya. I was shocked at how short and stocky mine was, but I had it under 400w metal halide, I was only getting about 1/2 - 3/4 inches between nodes.
  10. you should look into a dresser grow i started off tryin that pc stealth but theres not much room your not gonna get much bud
  11. Bubba Kush is my shortest plant. I barley doubles in size during 12/12. Just veg them shortly to keep them small and it should be good for your space restrictions. Not to mention bubba also provides me with my best smoke.I also like green crack and Ak47.:smoke: GOOD LUCK
  12. check out Northern lights, on peakseedsbc.com supposed to be very good for closet growing.
    Im gunna order some of them myself in a few days :D.
  13. I am researching for a good strain that will fit in a PC grow case. So far I can see that its going to be low yield no matter what, but for ease I was leaning toward Lowryder2. Down side is that it has a very low yield, and weakish high. But after researching C99, I am excited. Sounds like it could fill up a PC growbox well enough, stays short and stout like a bush with many branches. If I choose C99, I will probobly just grow 1 plant at a time. Hopefully it works out.

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