Best Strain for Highest THC Content (Rick Simpson Oil)

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  1. Hi All,
    What would be the best strain of plant to grow with the highest THC content? I am looking to produce some Rick Simpson Oil as a preventative cure for a Cancer relapse (see my RLS post).
    I was just wondering which strain would be the best for this.

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    I'm not an expert when it comes to wax or oils, but realistically speaking I would assimilate the strain with the desired high and benefits fitting for the specific type of cancer that you had. I'm assuming that you were or are a medical marijuana recipient, so I would say based on that you've probably smoked some of the higher THC quality strains already, which means that it would just come down to personal preference at that point. Anything at a medical level I would think would be sufficient, but you could spend all day skimming through the average thc potency of strains. The number of strains are only growing.

    You can never go wrong with a hard-hitting high that just kind of envelops the entire body, and something like White Widow is always great for that.
    Sadly in my country medical marijuana is rare. It's still illegal over here. My cancer was Testicle Cancer (as of now I seem to be cured of it), but wanted to run a course of the Rick Simpson Oil to bring the odds of a relapse down even more (currently my relapse rate is 4% ... be nice to get it to 1% or even 0%).
    I have growing experience, but nothing related to medical marijuana.
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    Before I say anything else I'd like to say congratulations on overcoming such a grueling battle and coming out on top. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and I could easily understand why that 4% chance of relapse might as well look like 40% to you. It's more than enough to someone who has fought the good fight once already.
    I would say if you have growing experience that finding the necessary means and strains for this task would require nothing more than some minor financial expenses and trip over to growing section of the forums. There's so much talent and so many growers ranging from beginners to old school veterans on the forums that you'll be able to get all the help you need in the information department no problem. There's also a large portion of the community who are die-hards when it comes to concentrates.
  5. I have always believed that it's not so much the strain, as to how it was grown. You can take a bagseed from mids and get 30% if you know how to do it. Then you can take a popular strain like sour D and grow some really shitty badly flushed nutrient burned crap weed.
  6. I know this thread is old, but there may be other cancer patients reading this. There are a lot of strains out there and they seem to change all of the time. I am growing for a cancer patient now who seems to be overcoming it.

    I think you are asking the wrong question, though. You will need high THC, but there are many strains that produce over 15%. Some are much more difficult to grow than others. Some have more THC on the leaves rather than buds, giving higher yield overall for extracts like RSO. Some have more budding sites. Some grow densely for a more effective indoor grow. Some smell less pungent, reducing risk of being detected. Some grow faster than others. Some are autoflowering in case you have difficulty with light control or want to keep continuous growing in a single tent/closet.

    RSO for cancer treatment requires 1g of very high THC extract every day. It is far more than recreational smokers will consume. I recommend planning your grow, identifying your constraints, and then finding the best fit for what is available to you. You may need to get clones locally to avoid legal trouble.

    Think about all of factors. Do some research. Try multiple strains for your first grow and find out what you like best. I am learning this as well. I am 75% through my first grow and I already have strains I am learning from.

    Here is my experience so far:
    - Grape Ape is good overall and high indica, which is what I'm looking for.
    - Chernobyl grows big and dense. It has leaves the size of dinner plates, but the buds so far aren't huge.
    - Animal Tangie (Animal Cookies x Tangie) is small, likely since I grew it in soil and the others in hydro. It has a ton of bud sites, though, and it is covered in trichromes. I want to try this one in hydro.
    - Strawberry Dream grew slowly and was weak. One of them even died. It doesn't have a lot of budding sites or anything special going for it.
    - Snoop's Dream is voracious. It stretches uncontrollably, making it difficult to manage. It grows and buds fast. The leaves are covered in trichromes. The bud on the primary stem is far more developed than the other colas. Note this one is two weeks younger than the soil grown Animal Tangie, but about 4x the size.
  7. You know I just searched "strains for RSO" (3 years later!) and I found my own post and then your response. I have a setup now and I plan to produce some RSO from this for a friend of a friend with breast cancer. She is flat out refusing chemo and has tried (with some success) following natural alternatives to chemo. I said if I complete this crop successfully I will make up a batch for free for her as I've been interested in learning how to produce RSO for a while anyway. I make no promises or anything, and right now I am on the fence as to whether it works or not but if I am in a position to try, I will.

    Any news on the patient you're working with? I'm always interested to hear the outcomes of RSO treatment from honest people.

    I've seen far too many scams about RSO. In the UK a lot of people are getting scammed. It's messed up that people are abusing this. Makes me so god damn angry!!!
  8. The patient (my mother in law) is still staying with us through her recovery. She still hasn't had radiation or chemo - only RSO and keto diet.
    The biopsies from her last surgery (surrounding area) only found dead cancer cells. The nodes in her lung scans are gone. She was stage 4 but her oncologist is planning to re-evaluate the stage. It is too early to claim victory, but things look promising. Her doctors are also very interested in what happened.
    I've made her some RSO from donated trimmings and I am getting ready to harvest my first grow for making more. We have gone through several different sources before finding a couple of consistent high quality vendors. We are using high THC mostly indica strains made from bud and bud trimmings.
    I strongly recommend trying it at full dose for 90 days. It gets expensive but it may save your friend's life. That's not something you often get the opportunity to do.
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  9. Congrats on the success so far! I'm really happy your mother in law is getting better from RSO treatment.

    Do you plan on fully documenting the treatment journey? I only ask because there's a lot of skeptics everywhere that are quick to dismiss the benefits of cannabis in treating Cancer. In the UK it's sad and pathetic how the majority of the population view RSO. If you even raise any question relating to RSO on Cancer forums in the UK you get ear bashed and banned. Suddenly regular people become scientists and experts in how cannabis doesn't work :S

    If this girl is still with us when I produce my batch I will document everything with her and probably hit up a newspaper too because it really angers and upsets me that the general population are quick to dismiss something that has been shown to work in some cases. I'd like to help change that.

    Sorry I wound up off topic there.

    All the best with the treatment and I wish your mother in law a full recovery!

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