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Best strain for DWC with CFL?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Lenten, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Hello! The man and I are setting up for our first DWC grow at the moment, and really we have one big decision left to make. I've heard some strains do better than others with root problem and with yield when it comes to DWC. I was just looking for some recommendations on the strains you've had the most and least success with.

    Currently thinking real hard about some Super Silver Haze...

    So, advice? Pictures and yields and stuff are always appreciated... as much for aesthetic value as anything else. :)

    Thanks!! :D

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    can grow any strain in dwc imo. it's just a medium. your light :cool: would be the deciding factor on how well it grows
    haven't got good genetics yet, but this bag seed is 100x better than the bag it came from. 9ozs very first grow 2 plants, 6ozs second grow 1 plant.
    welcome to the city  :bongin:  :bongin:

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  3. Wow! Awesome! Yeah, the promise of high yields is what's got me more interested in DWC than doing another soil grow. Although, Ia m going to throw one of whatever we get into some soil as a sort of control. :)

    We are looking at getting several CFLs so we can set up some nice even lighting... the room we are setting up in is like 5x4 and six and half feet tall, so it shouldn't be too bad getting it nice and illuminated. 

    Thanks! I joined years ago, the first time I did a grow, in soil that time, and it ended up not panning out because we moved and I was sad and never returned, but here I am again. Haha.
  4. Ideas can be found below \/\/\/ ;)



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