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Best strain for Dementia

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Pinballman1, May 24, 2020.

  1. Which strain do I need to be looking for to ward off Dementia, (Which runs in my family)? I know weed will help with preventing dementia and I also know that some strains are better than others for this. Any suggestions and info would be appreciated, Pinballman1
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    Oh shit, be careful . Any mention or link of help and Nancy Pelosi will flip out and report you like a 3rd grade punk
  3. Blissful Wizard makes me feel like I have dementia...

    I hate to say it, but my gut says pot may not be good for dementia. Not a doctor. Just my 2cents.
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  4. Hey Pinball - since I've been on Medical Weed, I've found a blend that helps me focus throughout the day. Check out Leafly or Allbud and look for strains that include focus as an effect. Dementia runs in my family too so I'm hoping for the best.
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  5. Thanks for the reply. I've been researching a lot and there really isn't a lot out there about weed and Dementia. I've seen where high CBD content is better for the brain but who knows. Good luck, Pinballman1
  6. THC is more active in the brain as it is an agonist in the cb1 receptors ( brain receptors) . CBD antagonizes immune cell receptors ( cb2)
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    Off topic some but worth a listen .

    Edit: talks about various mushrooms that may aid . Lions mane , fun ones ect ..
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  8. TRPV1 receptors are activated that way - ( transient receptor potential vanilloid type one) . these are heat receptors and the cannabinoids act on those as well .. especially CBD
  9. [​IMG]

    LOL , got this from . I love this kind of thing , I have been studying the digestive system and right now I am getting into the Krebs cycle , (Citric Cycle ) . I got problems with my Liver and Pancreas .

    Thanks for the post . Studying amino acids and sulfur during the flowering phase .
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    wow man I was going to post a link to DDG images in my other post and forgot, you beat me to it LOl
    TRPV1 receptors at DuckDuckGo

    the first image in your post reminds me of M 80's , about to go Off LOl

    plus , the FAHH channels are the intracellular sulfur channels responsible for making the correct enzymes for breaking down the biochemical cannabinoids into elimination sequencing ..
    this is actually one proven issue with to much cannabis ingestion = using up FAAH stores in the cell ... supplementing with magnesium provides the sulfur to offset FAAH reductions in that becomes an issue ...

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