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Anxiety Best strain for anxiety

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by robertdeuce, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. I'm new to the forum and fairly new to marijuana. I've smoked a few times but I didn't get the desired affects. I was wondering if someone could suggest a strain that is anxiety friendly as I have General anxiety. The times I've smoked I would have bad panic attacks, even with just a few puffs. I read that a 1:1 cbd - thc would be good but I'm having trouble finding a good one with that ratio. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  2. if you go to a dispensary, it's best to ask the budtender.

    here is a list of strains good for anxiety

    Crush Anxiety - Leafly
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  3. What about AC/DC? I spoke to someone about this and it has very high CBD and low THC. I am no authority, but I have been using CBD drops as I can't have THC in my system even though my psychiatrist has given me 5mg dranibol which has some THC in it but it does not have CBD. My pain doctor drug tests me every time I go. He has to. I wanted the feeling of calmness it gave me. But I am not sure if the CBD drops are the cure. Have you heard about this?
  4. Don't worry about that 1:1 ratio. Everyone is different and one strain that works well for you is horrible for someone else. As stated before ask the bud tender they know what people buy for anxiety. Just buy small amounts and then start out slow. It takes a while to learn strain and dosage that works the best for you.

    Please report back if you find the strain(s) that work for you and good luck!
  5. I also suffer from anxiety and find that the heavy indica strains work best for panic attacks. Sativa does not help me at all in that aspect.

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  6. Smoke in a location you consider secure and with people you trust. Reassure yourself everything is just fine and if you're still freaking out, have your friends tell you the same. It also helps just to take a deep breath when you get anxious or paranoid and you'll forget all about it. Also talk more about philosophical subjects.

    I used to get paranoid all the time when I first started smoking but then I became a lot more chill, because I started smoking in places that I considered secure, relaxed envoirnments with only close friends.

    It's more mental than anything else I'd say.
  7. I too suffer from anxiety after smoke sessions. And I have found some strains are definitely better than others when it comes to how much anxiety you experience. Like Lenny said, I'd ask a bud-tender. My favorite strain personally for this would be Pineapple Express. It can be hard to find a genuine strain of it, especially with the movie being so popular. But if you can I'd highly recommend. Very nice sweet high, yummy taste, and no anxiety.
  8. Definitely NOT White Widow. That one gives me a sense of impending doom every time I smoke it.
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  9. To be honest pot can set me off, less so since taking this Endoca Pure Raw Hemp CBD & CBDa Oil Drops - 3% – Quintessential Tips
    It has helped me beat my anxiety and escape the soul crushing fight that is ... trying to stop having a panic attack.
    it also takes the edge off super strong weed allowing me to smoke more with out as the dude above says "impending doom"

    Critical mass by CBD crew is a great strain though if you cant get proper CBD oil easily
  10. I would say cinex or gorilla glue strands. Don't fuck around with Indica, it got me paranoid as hell and is a body reliever high not a head high (mental problem). It also made me feel like I was having a heart attack the whole time and couldn't feel my breathing, which is a common high people enjoy but I don't and made me feel worse.
  11. Ask your bud tender. (Hoping they're knowledgable)
    The Leafly app lets you explore strains by use and I believe anxiety is one of them.

    For my anxiety I smoke sativas. Dutch Treat, Jack Herer, and Blue Dream, were some of my favorite ones for a while. A Buddy of mine uses Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel, or Durban Poison for theirs.

    Maybe try a hybrid strain so you get a little bit of a body calm while still getting that head high?
  12. I had some "Blueberry" a dealer sold me when he ran out of the strain I normally got.

    It totally wasn't what I wanted (I like pure indicas), but it was super good for anxiety and socializing. Smelled and tasted better than anything I've ever come across too.

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  13. Other than very few random attacks over the years, mostly induced by stress, I don't suffer from anxiety so I didn't get to experiment much with what strand works for or against it. I am genuinely curious though.

    Would more anxiety-affected smokers say that Sativas are more likely to produce anxiety than Indicas? Since Sativa is more likely to energize your mind and body, than the relaxing and tranquilizing Indica, would it not make sense that the Sativas are in general more likely to be associated with anxiety inducing?
  14. Correct. The sativas get you heart pumping and if you have anxiety and notice your heartbeat... Thats when shit goes downhill really fast. For me the og kush and all its phenos work great on the anxiety.
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  15. Try strains such as ACDC. Harlequin, Sour Tsunami.. They're very rich in CBD.

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