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Best Strain For Adhd

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by rsxboosted, May 20, 2013.

  1. This may be the wrong place to put this if so let me know. Im just curious, what is the best strain to treat ADHD/ bi polar?
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    This is the right place.  My experience is that the fish oil I take has hepled my ADHD more than the cannabis does.  The two go well together.  You might try adding about 2 gm /day total of EPA + DHA from fish or algal sources to the cannabis you already use.  It takes a few months to really start noticing the effect.  The brain needs time to rebuild it's self with the Omega-3 fats.
  3. Hmm. Never heard about fish oil.. ill have to try that. Im on adderal now and i dont like the side affects. The dr wants to give me more medicine for the side affects, but i dont want to take more medicine to fix what the other causes, cannabis works great but cant smoke my job randoms me, and the last 2 years my quality of life has seriously went down. I didnt know smoking helped me as much as it did, but ive gave up, im looking for ways to pass randoms as well, but its been 2 years that ive been depressed and un motivated. Ive came to the conclusion im not going to stop what makes me live a better life.. thanks for the advice, i will definitely try the fish oil!
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    DHA is a source for the endocannabinoid Docosahexaenoyl Ethanolamide.  Great for depression too..

    I use to take Provigil for narcolepsy.  There is a lot of cross over in use between the drugs used for narcolepsy and ADHD.  There are also enough people with ADHD who have sleep disorders that getting a sleep study wouldn't hurt....
    see also:
  5. I do have a problem sleeping as well, i just dont want to have to rely on a medicine made chemically. Before i started there i needed no medicine, cannabis helped all aspects. But now i just feel like i have to choose between living happily and healthy, or keeping a job. Note. I live in a state thats not medicinal. I am thinking about moving from all my friends and family to a state where i can have what helps me so i dont have to live by pills.
    I pipe my self up to a CPAP machine at bed time.  It keeps me from stopping breating when I go to sleep.
  7. O wow, im so sorry man. Im no where near that bad, now i feel like s***..
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    Don't feel bad, I love my machine believe it or not.  I didn't think I needed one until I got it, now you couldnt get it back from me for a KG of the best buds.  Cannabis is part of my CPAP therapy not the other way round.
  9. What exactly is a CPAP machine exactly?
  10. Asthmatic ... I believe we share some similar conditions ... asthma  and ADHD ... I'm interested in any thoughts you may have on the confluence of ADHD, pot, depression and the early childhood treatments for asthma with epinephrine ... any residual reflections on possible connections ... I know that as a child I experienced periods of hyper-concentration/focus after taking what was then prescribed as the only medication that 'worked' for asthma, ie: the mega stimulant epinephrine .  However, after "tripping out" with the cure I would crash (aka now as withdrawal )  for a day or two (with symptoms akin to depression (?))  ...  Also, on a parallel thoughtline,  the treatment of ADHD with Ritalin to stimulate thought processes and concurrently or similarly, cannabis acting as a stimulant for an ADHD mind and focusing concentration . Then the fallout from the speed-up, managing the descending fog ( aka depression ). 
    I would appreciate any thoughts, anecdotal or otherwise, or other online connections . Thanks.
    That won't change anything man. Even in legal states companies will still drug test you because it's illegal under federal law. Even if something does pass it would only apply to local businesses since corporations are based throughout the entire country. Best to look for employment that doesn't random. Or I've heard of people wearing tall socks and keeping a bottle of synthetic in their sock all day everyday at work to pass randoms. 
  12. Hey, I have adult ADD. Figured a few years ago and I did the amphetamine lambada trying to find the "right" med, dose, etc. Did that little dance for almost three years and got fed up. The money, time, and bullshit meds/pharmaceuticals and "doctors" was just too much. I guess I'm a bit cantankerous. "They" forced me :) into investigating other ways, and I found it in medical cannabis. I'm off concerta, adderall, Ritalin,. No more welbutrin. I use a sativa oil in the AM and an Indica too sleep. Sleep. OMG. Delicious is all I can say. Do yourself a huge favor and get some RSO for night. You won't need much but boy howdy does it work. And it's, well, to say MM is good for you is like saying that big yellow thing in the sky is the sun. Ya think? It's ridiculously good for you. We all have different "needs" and the strains have a lot of variety. And vaping at lower temps releases the up, energetic elements of the med so you don't become "couch locked". I do not want to be tired or groggy until about 10 pm when I plant my ass for an hour of tv. Anyhoo, howdy...:)

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