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  1. i have a quick story. this all takes place at my house, about a week ago, by myself, thus proving that smoking by yourself is an amazing thing to do. Ok so in my town there is really only mids or high mids if you know the right people. well i am friends with these two high mids dealers and i have smoked there shit for a while now. and i get high off it quick still. but i found a new guy last week and he gave me an eighth for free cause of our new relationship haha. i smoked that shit out on my back porch, and mind that my backyard is completely surrounded by nice upstate new york trees and tall ones. well i smoked his shit, one bong bowl to myself, i fucking felt like i was on one of those gum commercials for 5 or whatever its called that is like "stimulate your senses" haha. i was sooooooo high i was fucking ahhhhh. it was the best high ever. well i was fucking so outta it thati saw my tree thati used to always climb when i was young so i wanted to do it one last time. i began to climb and found it was much easier now cause i am much stronger now and taller so i can get higher on the tree.

    i got only 10 feet up and i remembered that that was as far as i could go when i was little. i started getting very sad thinking about my childhood and then i snapped myself out of it. i felt like that was a buzz kill so i wanted to smoke a little bit more. i happened to have my lighter, dug out system, and gum. i took a piece of gum which was fruit expressions and i reccomend them to everyone that smokes. i was getting uncomfortable there so i looked up and saw a nice spot that i could lounge at and smoke from. i quickly climbed and i got there in about 3 mins. i got postioned all nice and what not and i took out my dug out system and lighter. i got the dug out and it was packed and when i went ot light it, i looked at the lighter to watch if i was actually lighting the weed and i saw how high i wwas.

    i was fucking 40 feet up in a tree! i nearly shit my pants as i then felt the tree swaying in the afternoon breeze. i had climbed 30 feet higher then ever before becuase i was high hahaah. i calmed myself down by planning a route on how to get down. i smoked about 3 huge hits and i was back in space. i got a starnge feeling however. i wanted to go even higher. so i started to get up and climb. i knew i shouldnt but it just felt safer to go higher then down. i continued climbing and after 2 minutes i stopped and took a breather as it was getting much harder to climb as there where less and less sturdy branches. looked around and thought to myself, "jeez i must be 55 feet up or so" but it didnt scare me now. i wanted to just keep climbing. so i reached up to a branch and got up, now the wind was picking up and i felt liek i was moving much more. i for some reason began to smoke more and i relized jsut how high i was. i was beyond baked. i was so fucking high that everything that was supposed to be green liek thel eaves and grass and stuff was BRIGHT WHITE and everthing that wasnt green was dark with white circles . i began to really freak out and i though i was going blind. i looked up and saw dark dark dark clouds high above me. i said fuck it and started to scramble down the tree.

    as i went down it really wasnt that hard. however when i was about 30 feet above the ground it started to thunder and lightening. it was pouring like insanity and i was having a hard time breathing. i frantickly went down the tree carlessly.

    at about 20 feet above the ground i had to make a big leap down to another branch. i decided not to take my time becuase it was hell outside. i thought i could grab the branch while falling to save sometime. i jumped off the tree and grabbed the branch but felt strong tears in my right arm. i let go with my right arm as it was burning severly. i held onto the branch with only my left arm, my non dominant arm. i was not scared of falling. it was such an amazing connection i had with my arm. not joke. just i was baked, and it was like a war zone around me and i still found beauty in a disaster. the beauty was that i always had told myslef that my right arm is stronger and better than my left arm. and i always said if i had to choose i would rather have my right arm. but at the moment, i was dangleing 20 feet from the ground and i felt so spirtualy connected it was insane. i pulled myself up and was amazed at what i had done. my calmness soon ended when lightening stuck only 2 seconds away from my house (2 miles). i got so scared that i began to slide, i tried to grab a branch but there were none. i descended from the tree, striking branches and leaves as an amazing rate. in one last motion i reached out and clenched a branch but barely. it was a very sturdy one and it reminded me of something.

    it reminded me of when i was little, it was the branch that i could only get to when i was younger. it was the one that i had spent so much time with and climbing on when i was little. i began to gett very emotional and started to get teary eyed. i felt so informed at this time beucase my hurt right arm had now saved my life too. it was so weird now that i think about it. i decided that icould probably just jump down from the 9-10 feet up i was and safely make it down. i postioned myself and counted down, 3 2 and then at one the loudest most terrifing thunder came from the woods behind me. i began to imagine a huge beast chasing after me and making me leave his trees. i fell to the ground with a thud. i landed on my legs but an awkward way. they began to hurt but coudl still function, so i ran as fast as i could inside and turn the tv on and layed down in bed. the national weather service had issued a sever warning for where i lived. so i decided to just go to sleep high and with the sounds of rain. i woke up only 30 minutes later and still have no idea why i did wake up. i went to the back proch to make surei had grabbed all my stuff before my girlfriend got home from work and i saw the tree i had jsut gotten out of not 30 minutes before. the one i had always climbed on and grew with and told secrets too when i was younger, completly split in pieces. a huge 60 + feet tree that jsut layed in mangeled pieces. it felt like someone close to me had just died. i ran down to it and i noticed something really sstrange.

    this is freaky but just keep reading. i when to the tree and just hugged it and i felt sorry for it to have to die. i looked up at the sky, still pouring, and just stared up. i got up and i just noticed something so i looked again. where the tree had always been it still was there. it was only a small piece that still connected to the earth. this smal part was only 9-10 feet tall and reminded me of my childhood when i used to ocme play on that tree. the weird thing is, is that the part that was still standing was the branch that had earler saved my life when i was falling, and the branch i always played on when i was a kid.

    i later found out that lightening had indeed struck the tree.

    what do you think, just a conisidence or a sight from someone above?

    if anyone actaully read all that you deserve +rep haha. tell me how you though it was.:rolleyes:
  2. holy shit. what a high adventure!
  3. hahah its pretty fucking freaky
  4. damn that story is like one of those ripleys believe it or not shows thats the tightest thing ever you childhood tree saved you life
  5. maybe zeus gets high too !
  6. That's pretty crazy man. Long story, but decent read.
  7. wow that was a long story & quite interesting. You were lucky you weren't in that tree when it got struck by lightning!
  8. That was worth the read. Awesome story man:smoke:
  9. haha it was deff worth reading. put a smile on my face. gota miss those childhood adventures. i miss getting that high too hahaha

    edit: for got the +rep:smoke:
  10. dude cut a good chunk of the wood off the tree and make a pipe or a bong out of it you cant beat a pipe that has technically been struck by lightning
  11. I read the whole thing man. Crazy and awesome story, thanks for writing it.
  12. wow, awesome story, that sounds pretty kool how much your high intensified everything, ive had my moments as well, but nothing close to this.
    If i was high and was 30 feet up in a tree id be scared shitless. Crazy shit
  13. That is a great story. It really makes ya think! save yourself a peiece of the tree bro!

    +rep for an amazing story. its actually full of emotion.
  14. thats insame man. so much fucking emotions in like an hour of blazing.that just shows how bud makes you think and reminice
  15. Great story....
  16. good story bro. It made me start remembering a connection i had with this toy i had when i was little, and about a year ago my mom sold it in a garage sale.:(...sad day.
  17. wow, what an insane adventure. i guess that whole scenario awoke something in you.
    heck, it awoke something in me! it made me realize that there is a sort of bond/brotherhood that all living things share, and it took something that momentous to make us realize it.

    +rep for a good Sunday afternoon read
  18. didnt read it...gonna bookmark for when im high tonight since its pretty long. haha
  19. hahahah nice. i wrote all that baked off my last bowl of dank. so it was very nice.

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