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  1. Decided to upload a status to Facebook "Do racehorses know they're racehorses?"
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  2. Like dogs may not want to live with us
    They know when I'm high
  3. I often think about how stupid the life we live really is. And if I'm just messed up in the head or if I'm before my time. I mean anyone who works a job myself included is a modern day slave. We are controlled by money and all the fancy things the man waves in front of our face, making us work our ass off for our whole lives to make the big businesses more money. Giving them more power to subconsciously control our thoughts and the things we work for.

    I mean really in our advanced age and with all the people in the world isn't there enough resources that we can just roam the world, enjoy all the beauty that has been put on this planet for us to see and be thankful for.

    We could all do our part. Work providing the world with the things people need for a short period of time, then it's someone else's turn and your life is yours.

    I think making money non existent would be a direction towards world peace.
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  4. "I only coughed 5 times!!!!"

    "If you die and they find THC in your body, can you still get in trouble?"

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  5. "i bet santa cums icing" -my friend as we drove around to look at christmas lights while high as hell. can't look at anything santa related without thinking of that moment

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  6. How I imagined your voice saying that haha
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  7. I wrote an Alt-History outline for a novel about if Africans had colonized before Europe. Stated with a drought in Africa which killed many of the large predators and allowed Africans to domesticate a bunch of Animals to them trading with India first by sailing up the east coast. It got to Africans pushing Rome out of Europe. Before I passed out.

    FYI- I am a white woman.

  8. Crazy Train was by Ozzy Osbourne not Black Sabbath..
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  9. In high school we used to play a really stupid game at lunch time. We called it bulldozers. One kid would ride on top of another dudes back. I was really small and skinny so I always rode on top of my samoan friend Jimmy's back. Jimmy knew he was born a race horse, and he knew he was a good one too! The aim of the game was to knock the other competitors off their horse... and it was last man standing. When there were 30 or more of us playing at a time, it would cause a spectacle and the teachers would frantically try and break it up, it was really funny :p.
  10. When the fire nation attacked

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  11. Good thought.
    My probably most lurid thought was a completely self propelled engine using nothing but magnets and a counter weight and it still crops up in my head time to time after a smoke. Lol
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  12. If I can be still and watch my thoughts; who is watching the watcher?
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  13. It's An ozzy solo song.
  14. "I'm a crab bro"
  15. That 3 some. Back in 89:)
  16. Fuck rap

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  17. play it:jump:

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  18. love = clarity :love:

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  19. how how how... how

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