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  1. What if the world were to end this very second. What would that look like? Would media know the world was ending so we would all be warned? Would everything close down so people could be with their families? How many people would kill themselves before the world ended if they knew it was actually coming? What would the animals do? What caused it to end? Does everything just disappear? Do we implode? I can't think about it too much because I trip myself into thinking that the world is going to end any second and I should prepare.

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  2. The world is about to end though so just close your eyes drift off now.
  3. I trip out on the concept of infinity. I mean, it keeps going and going and going and never ever ever stops. Like space. Infinite space. it keeps going and going and going and never ever stops. I trip on that.
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  4. Time isn't real we just use numbers to be organized with what we do as a country

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  5. What if dreams are reality and what you think is reality is not real and that's the dream

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  6. Ok mine best thought was this ,I work in construction I help in the building of things ( lol ) I do this in the northern Midwest . So one day at work I got to thinking about the universe and how cold it can be floating through space on a rock , then I floated to how did we really go to the moon and wait a second ( this is where it all comes together) if we went to the moon and it's cold in space why can't the geniuses that got old Neil Armstrong to the moon crest some thinner clothing that is warmer for us outdoor construction workers ????? Huh that is a STONED thought ! A cold one at that !

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  7. Dude my life is a movie/video game and I am the main character
  8. Watch that show how the universe works and try not to think yourself into an overwhelming thought coma!
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  9. Incredible particles gazing in front of shark water - the infiniteness of shark water.
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  10. You don't hit the bong, the bong hits u.
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  11. Same
  12. not sure about my most creative thing i did while baked i drew massive detailed dicks in a book
  13. Life is one big psychedelic trip and when you die you wake up back to the first hit of dmt...
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  14. Deep fried cake pops my dudes.

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  15. Oh yeah this one time I remember thinking how... I forget :smoking:
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  16. Most of my stoner thoughts occur while baked.
  17. I am thinking this right now. So do you think apple autocorrects Mohawk by capitalizing the M out of respect for Native American culture or so you think it's just a PC move? I've been thinking about this. I mean, they don't even capitalize their own name apple.

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  18. I just said this in a post before. But I didn't know if people respond most here or their but then this popped to the top. I am not the loser you think I am. I mean, I have skills.

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  19. Alright I got two from me and one from my new to smoking girlfriend lol.

    My first one is about how deja vu is supposedly the universe repeating itself, and I've also heard of the Big Bang and how some people think expansion is slowing down. So I thought the universe repeats itself because gravity eventually makes it fall on itself and then it explodes in the same way it originally did in the Big Bang.

    Another one of mine is a movie idea I had. Idk if it makes sense. But here it is. David and marry are in a movie where they can't decide if the other likes each other or not and then they go to the movies and then realize they're in the movie they're watching as they see the scene about them deciding. Does that make sense?

    Ok and from my new to smoking girlfriend eating a quesadilla-
    "I can taste every flake what the fuck"

    Lol. Classic.

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  20. Whenever I'm going around in the woods baked I feel like an animal version of a human. Like all my senses are going off and I'm in pure survival mode. I get a completely different high in the woods then at home or something. It's hard to explain but makes me wish I was a Native American or something living before the Europeans came and just smoking mad surviving off the land in the woods.
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