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  1. Seriously, think about it. 
    What is your best stoner thought ever, or something you have like said while stoned that makes perfect sense and could be like, the cure to cancer or something, and then the next minute, is replaced by you talking about The Cleveland Show, y'know?
    I'll start.
    Stoner time. Like It could be 15 minutes in stoner time, and I look back at the clock and it's been 3 minutes.
    Because when high, our brains jump from thought to thought faster. I think our brain is only accumulated to thinking a number of things a day, For example, in a math class, one would have to rely on Math and Logistics for an hour or so. But when you're high, it's weed one minute, and bunnies the next.
    So after the body has smoked so much weed, and the cannabinoid receptors are flying off the grid, you fall asleep ( passing out) and resting your body to get it back to its normal thinking status.
    Still Blazin' [​IMG]

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  2. "Why do I exist?" Everything changed that day lol EVERYTHING

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  3. So I'm thinking about growing. And what I want to do is make this bomb ass tasty weed then get ahold of Wiz or a pothead rapper and selling them the idea of using my grown weed to sell with his next album so when people buy the album they have a couple G's of dank right there with them so when they pop in the cd they can immediately spark up. I'm tellin you imma be rich

    Comfortably Dumb
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  4. I always think why we're here. What the hell our world is. I think about our history and how we'll never really know what happened, because we weren't there. Sometimes I think every things a lie and nothings real...
    Maybe its time too cut back a tad
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  5. Ive been to the Andromeda galaxy and back with stoner thoughts, Too bad i can't remember them.
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  6. Holy shit I just remembered the lyrics to crazy train by Black Sabbath
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  7. "This is not my house"
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  8. I think what is this life I'm living
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  9. Life on a crazy train, falling like the rain, bitch give me brain I'm insane I got game and I'm not a lame, I'll shoot it straight at ur dame, fuck the fame it's not what I set out to be, it's annoying like a flee, or glee that gay show, check my flow its retarted and I'm just getting started, it smells like somebody farted that my shit I'm shitting on them like I just got out the pen, rappin like this should be a sin.... Crazy train David Blane magic in this bitch, scratchin like I gotta itch, I'll have u bustin a stitch when I switch lanes on ur naggers, hit u with a dagger mc jagger
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  10. to listen to the most ignorant rap possible.
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    I'm not ignant
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  12. If I exhale my smoke into the collar of my shirt no one could possibly know that I'm smoking
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  13. Okay nobody called me on this yet so I'm obligated to come out and say this obviously doesn't work for any other Ricky smokers out there
  14. Why everyone walks with their chest out and HAS TO be an asshole to look good?? I drive around when I'm high and observe everything and everyone
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  15. i sometimes imagine what life would look like from behind another persons eyeballs. like, why am I me? 
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  16. "Time isn't real."[​IMG]
    Started when I was wondering who's job it was to determine/figure out the length of a day...
    Realized at some point, whoever it was, created an entire system of measurements, that did not exist until this point..
    Thought about how you cant really feel seconds go by.. but can count the seconds, or watch them pass on a stopwatch...
    Came to the conclusion "Time only exists when one tries to quantify time."[​IMG]
    I was a bit more than just stoned when having that thought though. [​IMG]
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  17. Time is only relevant on this physical plane^......and that is true...We are Eternal.   Also, and conveniently, this is my best stoner thought.
  18. I wonder if I can reach my penis with my mouth. I'd never have to beg for another blow job ever again
  19. That to find true happiness you must understand the reasoning of struggling.
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  20. I could get away with murder
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