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Best stoner recipies of all time!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dr_krapp, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. I had to make this thread for my enter and others!

    Cadbury twirl with a original flavour prigle on either side,

    mmmm tastly, intence sweet and savoury blast on each bite!
    its a realy party for the tastebuds and everyones baked
  2. the best one ive heard/aten i got of the city

    pot romen, make the oriental kind its so good.

    you just make top romen but put 1.5-2.5 grams and boil it in.
  3. im sorry about this post aswell, blame stash up, he gave me the weed!!
  4. Does it smell like pot when you cook it?

  5. Hahaha, you're right.
  6. I make my own pizza and salsa. Everyone seems to like them a hell of a lot. :)

    But there's no way in hell im giving anyone the salsa recipe...I made it up on my own.

  7. ahh sh....

    wats that one thats all curley? yeah curleys they would taste nice....with pringles aswell

    guess what else tastes nice? wotsits and KFC BBQ Sauce..

    --still baked from last night--
  8. For some good recipes check out

    with some of the stuff they tell you how to make you can make other stuff with it. Such as the Marijuana Butter and Marijuana Milk. The butter you could spread on your toast in the morning, put it in your bakes potatoe, put it in cake. Same goes with the milk, you can put it in hot cocoa, anything calling for milk.

  9. I have to wonder if you got that recipe from me??

  10. Uhhh, I make bagels with pizza sauce and cheese on em. Or english muffins. Or bread, or anything really.
  11. you wont understand me when im baked, nobody does.

    i ramble on. and say things that make sense to me, but as we all know nobody else ever gets it lol. then when ur sober u dont either lol
  12. god, I could go for an english muffin right now. Damn You!

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