Best stoner recipe creation thread!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by flapflip, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Okay, I made the most AMAZING stonersnack ever today... I made a fried egg, and cooked it all the way through (not sure what its called.) Anyways, I then made a grilled cheese (butter two peices of bread, chedder cheese, cook on stove, anyone can do it) and stuck the egg in the middle while it was cooking. It was EPIC...

    I calls it the McBrunch :cool:

    What are your creations? C'mon! I know we all have at least one.
  2. Anything with Franks Red Hot Sauce are my favorite recipes.
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    I put that shit on everything haha
  4. pudding+icecream.
  5. I make my own salsa which is really eat if you guys want it I'll post it.
  6. poached egg on top of a piece of pumpernickel toasted, and then some mushroom sausage gravy on top of that, then topped with some fresh chopped basil
  7. Peanut butter jelly and chip chopped ham sandwich <3

    Don't forget the ketchup!
  8. I made some dorito chip and some more.
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    Have you had egg in a basket? Sounds like you would love it. Basically, lightly toast a slice of bread. Cut a hole in the middle. Chuck it in the frying pan and crack your egg in the whole. It fries into the bread. MUNCH.

    My best stoner food is easily pizza. Wins hands down everytime.
  10. Peanut butter on hot dogs!!
  11. ok i was planning on eating healthy tonight but fuck it!
    im going shopping and gonna download a sweet movie , il post whatever i make later tonight guys
  12. I also can make some damn good French toast if you guys want the recipe
  13. I'll be making a hamburger later with onions, bacon, and swiss cheese. So far my favorite homemade stoner food (about the best thing I can make in the kitchen haha)

  14. What is it
  15. Last night I took 4 snackpacks and emptied them onto an oven pan. I then covered it with small marshmallows. Put the oven on broil and roasted them. I cooked them until they were golden brown.
    I was so high I didn't even put it on a plate. Just got a couple of heat resistant plates, put them on my lap and ate it right off the hot pan while gaming. Man was it good!
  16. this shit sounds bomb. someone should make a thread just for bomb stoner recipes they have. then come dinner time. stoned af just come check out the gc recipe thread and choose a bomb recipe to make:hello:
  17. [ame][/ame]
  18. Cheddar cheese soup with potatoes, bacon and corn.
  19. Grinder bred with shredded cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni in the oven on broil for 5 min. Amazing home made pizza
  20. Dennys has this burger that has a fried egg, cheese sauce, bacon and hashbrowns on it it is amazing but we got sick the last time we ate there so I make it at home now. I make homade cheese sauce cook the egg over medium and make homemade hasbrowns. Put some bacon fried onions jalepenos and hot sauce on that and it is delicious. Best burger ever.

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