Best Stoner Movies

Discussion in 'Movies' started by dbx64, May 15, 2011.

  1. Two nights ago I saw Pineapple express for the first time blown. And my god that was an epic movie. I'd like to know some of the names of other movies that would fit into the same category as Pineapple express.

    I also have a few invites for iptorrents if anyone is interested. Best overall site for torrents hands down.
  2. A lot of people didnt enjoy it, but I thought Your Highness was really really funny and couldnt stop laughing at that.
  3. I really wanna see Your Highness. I'd say for me, the best "Stoner Movie" would have to be Half Baked. It's amazing how, despite the fact I've never watched it sober, I've still seen it enough to know every single word to the whole movie.
  4. Last night I saw this movie In which have lot's of fun I laughing more.

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