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Best Stoner Movies

Discussion in 'General' started by Dr.Smokes, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Best Stoner Films:smoking:
    just want to know about you favorite stoner vidzz.
    so post your favzz and I made a little list to start it out.

    1. Grandmas Boy:bongin:


    3.How High:smoking:

    4.Super High me

  2. half baked is my fav, super high me sucked, how high is good, grandmas boy is good, cheech and chong's up in smoke is good, pineapple express is good, knocked up is good, idk what else.
  3. Wrong Forum Guys.
  4. is " dude where's my car " considered a stoner movie ?
  5. Napoleon Dynamite. It's not about smoking, but god damn is it hilarious high. I was dying of laughter earlier. :bongin:
  6. you could kinda of consider "dude where's my car?" a stoner movie.
    even soo.. Its pretty amazing :cool:

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