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Best Stoner movies?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PermanentlyHigh, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. So, I have the house to myself tonight, And I plan to smoke a few bowls, and sit down and watch a movie.
    Any suggestuons?
  2. You looking for "Stoner" genre movies?
  3. -Half Baked
    -How High
    -Pineapple Express (my favorite)

  4. How high was the shit, I love that movie. :hello:

    May I also recommend "Budz House", you can find it at Redbox. :p
  5. Smiley Face ;) just type "Smiley Face Full Movie" and watch the channel named PotHeadMovies.
  6. Dazed and Confused... Only the best.
  7. I'm watching Grandma's Boy right now
  8. Comedies, pinapple express (never watched it but heard its a good stoner movie)
  9. From my Greatest to least Grandmas Boy Harold and Kumar Pineapple express How High Halfbaked
  10. [quote name='"stoned42"']Comedies, pinapple express (never watched it but heard its a good stoner movie)[/quote]

    How is that possible lol?

    Pineapple express
    How high?
    Wayne's World
    Harold and Kumar
    American History X (never seen it high but its an amazing movie so I'd just assume its good high)
  11. Zombieland.... What else can I say? But many of the ones mention above are extremely awesome. Oh and Super Troopers. Watched Austin Powers last weekend and it was as funny as when I saw it in theaters.

  12. i had only seen bits and pieces of the austin powers movies when i was a kid, but got ripped and watched all of them really funny :D
  13. If you've got Netflix, watch "The blue planet". Holy shit. Its like underwater, its an awesome adventure.

    If you've got xbox, play zombies(favorite).
  14. Super troopers!

  15. Cabin in the Woods
  16. [quote name='"AgMan"']

    Cabin in the Woods[/quote]

    Fuck yeah. Marty's bong is like the holy grail of disguised bongs, not to mention he kicks redneck zombie ass with it x) also KILLER FUCKING UNICORN

  17. Not too many stoner heroes in movies, mostly stoner dumb asses...
  18. Donnie Darko... watched it the first time I got high and now everytime I take a toke it brings me back... good time :)
  19. Butterfly effect with ashton kutcher is badass
    pineapple express is simply a must-see.
    Lol, no cheech and chong has been mentioned?

    Cheech and chong up in smoke, Great movie.
  20. Definitely Grandma's Boy :D

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