best. stoner. movie.

Discussion in 'General' started by racoonsuit, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. i dunno if it's cuz im really stoned right now, but im watching austin powers: goldmember and it's like the best movie to watch ripped. the colors are awesome.
  2. i have fucking lists man:

    -babes in toy land
    -hook( w/robin wiliams)
    -up in smoke
    -the old D&D series
    -harrold and cumar
    -LOTR: the return of the king
    -forgotten realms TV show
    -the original hobbit
    -kung fu hustle

    ....if you want more just tell me to go on....

    i LOVE movies btw.
  3. if you're like 13 and watch atypical teen comedies, then maybe.

  4. i have hook, up in smoke, harold, lotr trilogy, and kung fu.

    i love teen comedies. i fit the requirements.

    some other amazing stoner movies are dazed and confused, half-baked, and rolling kansas. i was just commenting on the movie since it just came on i haven't seen this show in years.
  5. i try to stay way from some movies that show smoking too much, i dont like to be reminded im stoned.

    edit: totally forgot about them:

    thanks, will be added to the lists...muahaha!

    im done being a forum whore in this thread.
  6. some of my picks:

    Fight Club
    Being John Malkovich
    City of God
    Waking Life
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Garden State
    Requiem for a Dream

    etc... I have a ton of movies. netflix + dvd burner.
  7. i hear ya. i have fc, eternal sunshine, gs, and requiem. awesome movies.
  8. Sin City is good high. The way it was filmed, how each scene looks like a frame from the comic books just blows me away everytime.
  9. Ha. Babes in Toy Land. Thats a trippy movie. City of God was a sick movie. I got that for like $3. The only downside is the subtitles, but you dont realize your reading after a few scenes.

    I have to throw THe Warriors up top.
  10. I've never seen Babes in Toy Land... It sounds really trippy... I may have to "sample" this.

  11. god of war is one of the best movies i've seen
  12. god of war? that's a ps2 videogame. an amazing one. i have the warriors. it kinda blows lol. i can see how it would've been a cult hit back then though, and the videogame for it is fun as hell :]
  13. amazing movie, i havent seen it in a while, i think imma go out and rent it again soon...:hello:

    some of my favorites are:
    boondock saints
    requiem for a dream
    fight club
    true romance
    and.....the original rollerball, that movie was badass

  14. haha, yeah yeah it is. but i mean city of god i always mix up with the violence and the word god...who doesn't! :p
  15. Donnie Darko!
  16. lol ya Goldmember was on FOX last nite... i hav the DVD its pretty good movie... never thot bout watchin it baked, sounds cool tho with all the colors

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