Best Stoner Movie?

Discussion in 'General' started by petrified, Jul 28, 2002.


What is the best movie from these when u r stoned?

  1. Half Baked

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  2. Dude Where's My Car

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  3. Road Trip

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  4. American Pie 1 or 2

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  5. Jay & Silent Bob

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  1. Aight boys n girls

    best stoner movie...lemme know....

    i know its shit difficult...but mine gotta be jay and silent bob..the chicks...DAMN DAMN DAMN
  2. I agree none of them were my favorite either, but out of all of them American Pie 1 & 2. I was skeptical about the 2nd one and didn't watch it until it was on DVD, and it was just as, if not funnier as the first. Plus, scarily enough, Jason Biggs resembles my younger brother so I get big entertainment grossing out at his unfortunate masturbation attempts, then calling my brother and making fun of him.

    YEAH so what's up with posting POLLS but listing only a handful of movies to be the BEST? Why limit the options?

    You totally left out:

    Detroit Rock City
    The Big Lebowski
    Marihuana/Reefer Madness
    DAZED AND CONFUSED (HELLO?! that is THE ULTIMATE stoner movie)
    Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

    AND the list goes on.

    sorry, just a pet peeve! i hate limitations and like to color outside the lines :D
    poll on my friends!
  3. what about cheech and chong movies?? and reefer madness (Oh the hilarity)?? but out of those ones then probably Jay and Silent Bob
  4. Pet..., can call u 'Pet'? Sure i can, Pet, u didn't mention Cheetch & Chongs Up in Smoke or Friday or Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas or Evil Dead 2 or Bad Taste or 2001 a Space Odessy or, or, or.... heck theres too many.... aaaaaaaargh!

    Urotosukidoji Legend of the Overfeind. maaaaad! hadn't seen for years until today! mwahahaha! mad. mad as a skitzo celabate german geography teacher on a 30 year LSD binge in the middle of a psychadelic renaisance in Johanesburg, whilst listening to nothing but Autechre and Simian. and that's quite mad.
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    House and House 2 (Seriously MESSED up)
    Tales From The Hood
    Resident Evil
    Shallow Hal

    Probably more, no can think, too stoned...
  6. the doors film of all things has to be the GREATEST film for stoner viewing ever!!!
  7. GO BONGWATER!!! (the book is better tho..of course)

    what about fight club? (the book is better)
    star wars? (any)
    koyaanisquatsi? (never heard of it?? heh, find it, puff some, then watch it....heh heh heh)

    and have we forgotten... WAKING LIFE!?!?
  8. I don't mean to sound rude or anything but that is a horrible choice of movies. What about the classic cheech and chong movies(sure they're kinda old and trendy but a great laugh) And for jay and silent bob. try clerks or even mall rats. Where's fight club and movies that make you think? I'm not trying to insult you but come on. Try meet the feebles(okay more of a shroom movie but still good while stoned) there's just so many better movies than the ones posted.
    However this is just my humble opinion and if you like those movies keep watching them. But try some others too.
  9. man, how many fuckin times is somebody gonna post this topic. It's like somebody posts a thread about this, and then a week or so later its gone and somebody else decides to post it.
  10. i'd have to say american pie 1 and 2- hilarious! but one of my favorite stoner movies would be just about any monty python and vacation- the grisleys! too funny!

  11. never mind eh
  12. how high !!
  13. damn half baked is hilarious.......i love john stewarts cameo.....that shit cracks me up all the time
  14. the matrix
    fear and loathing
    fight club..

    waaay to many to name :)
  15. Christ, they're all good when you're stoned!!!
  16. homegrown is my fav pothead movie of all time because its the first pot related movie i ever seen, i haven't had the chance to see many. And there isn't too many movies based on growing weed, i really liked the plot of it and i wanted them to make a second homegrown so bad. I seen like half of the doors movie and i want to see the rest so bad. i also seen the first 10 min of how high at my dealers house but it was really fucking late so we couldn't stay to watch it. I might get a DVD player soon like not this coming christmas but the christmas after i might ask someone for one(yes to me thats as soon as its gonna get). A DVD player isn't something i'd spend money on, i'm like that with video games too, i love them but fuck that i won't buy them. After i get a DVD player i'm going to start a pot related movie collection.
  17. i gess i would have to say ceach and chong is my favert one but how high is a nother good one or friday
  18. do they show a lot of smokin in how high?
  19. from the few min of how high i seen there was a lot of smoking, i'm sure there was a lot more. Well jay and silent bob didn't really have much smoking and it was cool so i duno.
  20. up in smoke.. anyone who didnt say up in smoke is WRONG. very, very wrong :D

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