Best Stoner/Hippie-Friendly Community (In 3D, not Internet)

Discussion in 'General' started by l0llocaust, May 10, 2010.

  1. What/where do you guys think is the most friendly, vibrant, spiritual yet chill place you've ever been to or heard about for stoners, hippies, etc? When contemplating this, take into consideration the community, the wildlife surrounding the area, the history..all those things that help make any given location the special place it is.
  2. humboldt county?
    oakland, ca? (oaksterdamn)
  3. Amerstadam? I hear that they're pretty chill about weed over there.
  4. golden gate park, haight ashbury....SF.......california
  5. ahh i forgot about ashbury.
  6. I like to think Vancouver is a pretty weed friendly place. home of Marc Emery and all.
  7. Cali except So Cal



  8. Lhassa is a pretty cool town for stoners if you don't mind being in the middle of nowhere and 14,000 feet above sea level. Potalla Palace is trippy to tour through while stoned.
  9. id love to go and live on an island in Fiji and smoke weed in the sunshine and the countryside there, would be fuckin amazin:smoke:
  10. Burning Man probably
  11. Do you seriously live in Aurora?
  12. From what everyone around here tells me, up in Boone, NC is pretty chill place, Hippie like people everywhere , "Blown Glass" sold on the roadside , Near App state:smoking:
  13. Space Cowboy, sure do. Why, you from here?

    And at The Third Man, that sounds incredible, that's what I envision when I see a perfect, peaceful ,spiritual place to smoke. A small cottage on a hill, overlooking a tiny town in the mountains, with a pond in the back and a few sheep lol. Sounds sublime.
  14. For me, that place will always be the Kerville folk festival.

    So many happy memories:)
  15. Most music festivals. Phish concerts. Just live the wookie life...
  16. Arcata,Ca
  17. nimbin, australia i believe
  18. hells yeah. ashville is very nice as well. mountians and the rest of the scenery is beautiful. and the culture is very chill and cool. live and let live. thats why i love north carolina, espically the mountians.
  19. Lol @ 3D in title.

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