Best stoner dog breeds?

Discussion in 'General' started by GanjaBat, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. Ok, so when I get back to the states I wanna get a dog. I'll be living in an appartment with one of my friends, so its gonna have to be something fairly small (indoor), but I don't want a tiny lapdog. I'm looking for a smoking companion. Loyal, intelligent, not too hyper but not a dog thats just gonna lay on the couch and sleep all the time. He has to atleast be entertaining. Prefferably short hair, something with minimal shedding and brushing required. Has to have personality too. And I'd prefer if he didn't bark at everything all the time. I'd like to stay away from any major health problems too, I kow some breeds are bad about this. So, am I asking too much? Anybody got any suggestions? I was considering something along the lines of a Boston Terrier, but I dunno.
  2. I have a buddy that has a Welsh Corgi. Seems like a great smoking buddy. Not a huge dog either.

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  3. get a golden retriever(i prbly spelld that wrong) but anyways, those dogs are great, they are chiller dogs. mab i like them cause theyre my favorite dog.
  4. bosten terriers are cool,smart,loyal,cute.....
    my parents have one.
    cute cute cute....
    then again some say im partial to ugly dogs.
  5. I think welsh corgis are some of the best stoner dogs, and they qualify most of your needs.

  6. I think they are awesome looking dogs. Something about the big bulging eyes sticking way out in front. A golden retriever would be awesome, but I'm not sure he'd be happy spending 97% of his life in a 2 man appartment. My grandparents had a Black Lab, which I loved. Great dog, smart, friendly, but just way to big to be an indoor dog. I also have to keep in mind a limited college student budget. I don't want something thats going to eat 30 pounds of food a day. I have to have money left over to buy ramen noodles, and beer, and pot, and maybe a text book here and there. Ah college. That corgi looks pretty cool. I might have to look into that one.
  7. Austrailian Cattle Dogs or Blue Healers as they are called are great medium sized dogs. They are extremely intelligent, playful, obidient and really bond with their families. We have one now that is absolutly the best dog ever. I strongly suggest looking into that breed.

  8. i got a corgi

    they r small ..not too hyper ..cute ..loyal

    only problem is they shed like all year round :-\
  9. get a german shepherd, they're amazing
  10. I have a boston terrier and some dachshunds, and Boston terriers are really cool. The chillest dogs I've seen are greyhounds, and if you want smaller, whippets are basically mini-greyhounds.
  11. man you need an english bulldog.

  12. cha-ching...i love those guys too
    indy, my little girl (almost 4 now) insists your dog looks like a mouse.....:). but i tell her no itsa a dog, no thats a big cute mouse....
    my uncle has minuture horses she insists are goats..soooo, poor little thing needs a little straightening out.

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