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Best Stoner Cities:

Discussion in 'General' started by thethinker, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. There are certain cities I have been to and lived, that are just great for smoking. I have thought about this long and hard, and my favorite stoner city is Chicago, Illinois for many reasons. 1) The city is open 24 hours, and has the worlds best pizza. 2) The bud is available, and good quality with decent prices. U don't have to worry about that mexican shwag. 3) It has the country'sbest comedy clubs.....so many famous comedians started in Chicago. 4) You can find pipes convenient everywhere. 5) It is surrounded in the "university belt" of the great lakes....great universities, so of course theres bud.

    I have to say that my second favorite is Seattle, WA, where I live now. That, for one reason....BC BUD MAN! However, the city closes pretty early.
  2. Seriously? Thats awesome. My parents just moved to Chicago and Im actually about to go back on friday. Can you give me the addresses of some of the headshops there?
  3. Vancouver, BC.

    Obvious reasons.
  4. austin tx man. Everybody smokes, no cops (in good neighborhoods), tons of live music, MARLEY FEST, and TONS of super dank weed for good prices
  5. My favorite city would have to be my hometown, Burlington, Vermont. Lots of chilled out stoners there and still several hippies lol. All the restaurants and bars and stuff are locally owned too... none of that commercial crap, so if you're a local you know where to go to get the best of everything... I love it... Great herb too.

    Unfortunately I live in the South now where an eighth goes for $60 and relaxed stoner types are hard to find.... God I miss Vermont
  6. ive been to more than 75 countries, and lots and lots of different cities. i still say vancouver is the best one for stoners.

    no stupid euro bullshit, no eurotrash. very relaxed atmosphere throughout the whole city. police are pretty lax about pot possession and using it. there are many smoke friendly establishments, and the most important part: cheap and very good pot. and its never hard to find someone to smoke with if you want to.

  7. Take the redline to belmont, walk around and you'll find a couple headshops. I think pipes n stuff is the best one.
  8. San Francisco. Hippy capital of the world (Height-Ashbury, which also has a great park and at least one headshop on each block, sometimes two or three), cannabis clubs (the weed is good but the edibles are the finest around, like weed beer and brownies and endless other weed edibles), and Humbolt and Medecino counties are just north of here (those places are dank producers of the world! There, bammer has fallen into extinction once and for all). Good reasons, eh?
  9. I can't believe no one mentioned Amsterdam lol.
  10. Dude, what I'm saying is that they sell bongs and bowls anywhere and everywhere...just ask around.
  11. well if u want an american drug wasteland go to baltimore
    great bud everywhere, u just have to dodge all the crack,meth,and heroin addicts to get to it
  12. palm springs, ca. it may be a little gay but i can live with it for the medical.

    theres some sick shops out here too.
  13. San Francisco. Weed is decriminalized. Over 40 medical clubs.
  14. Damn right gotta say The Bay is the place to be if ur a pothead... thats where i meet up with all my boys from Humboldt and hit up all the asian massage parlors mobbin the streets smokin huge blunts 215 in hand not givin a FUCK! plus they sell nitrous at the NEWSTANDS!
  15. Portland, Oregon.
    Full of hippies and dank bud. Plus the Columbia River Gorge, Mount Hood, and the beach are all brilliant smoking spots, and the farthest (coast) is only 2 hours away. Green trees, and green "trees" everywhere!
  16. Gainesville, FLA

    home of University of Florida plenty of good bud/cool people/and very nice loookin ladies
  17. i would have to say ashland OR, its a college town and everyone there is pretty chill and it has some great places to smoke like lithia park and there are good hiking hills all around it. me and my friends go down there all the time and get blazed and go on hikes or hang out around town. it also has alot of dank weed and nice, friendly people
  18. Amsterdam, NY

    Because we're poor and bankrupt and ain't got anything else to do! WooHoo!
  19. San Francisco, as stated above.

    And Duluth, MN is a great place. Maybe not the best, but it's full of hippies and is right along Lake Superior where there are some AMAZING places to toke. I was toking up on a cliff with the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, able to see other cliffs and rocks getting hit by the waves. Such a chill place.
  20. My own city of san diego. San diego is way chill, some parts more than others. In OB everybody smokes. And oceanside has alot of chill beach stoners too.

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