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best stoned purchases?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ACMul, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Drunk shopping is ok.
    High Shopping is amazing.

    What's the best\most bizarre\funniest thing you've bought while high.

    I once bought a SNES with a collection of games without thinking that I don't have a TV that's even compatible with it, it's still sitting in my attic, never used.
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  2. fame and fortune. Got it at the crossroads from a sketchy looking dude.

    Only cost my soul.
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  3. Sounds stupid but I have bought a bunch of dope clothes and shoes while high, just seems I can see different color combinations and how to match better. No I'm not a girl lmao
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  4. Ted 1&2 combo pack digital purchase on Play Store. Expanding my digital library of stoner flicks at a 2fer deal, felt like a G.

  5. Sell it to me!

    I've gotten stupid shit drunk, many times. Damn amazon prime and it's 1 click buy.

    Lately I was very stoned and decided to spend a fortune on a stereo and speakers for my bedroom, sadly I need another fortune to finish it (amp and subwoofer, maybe a turntable too, which needs phono amp) FML.
  6. got so lit one night that I bought a set of lights & some nutes so i could grow enough for myself
  7. Most recently, I bought a bunch of ugly 1990s sweaters from the thrift shop. They're at least warm as fuck though.
  8. This painting. Do not regret it one bit.
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  9. this is a good purchase.
  10. I end up just shopping for weed things. Like pipes, containers, etc.
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