Best steam games to play high?

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  1. I have some money on steam and I'm wondering what games you all like to play when blazing up  :smoking:
    Preferably cheaper games, don't wanna drop 60 bones on a game that I wont play that often.
    Some of my favorites are: 
    - Any cod
    - csgo
    - Garry's Mod
    - Far Cry 3
    - GTA
    - Salt (weird indie game where you just explore islands)
    Probably some others but I forget  :smoke:
    So what are you guys all into?

  2. I can beat Portal high faster than I can sober lol
  3. Terraria. Fun as fuck even when sober..
  4. what exactly is it? Ive heard about it but never understood what it is

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  5. Not dota2. Games take about 40 minutes each p and you get like 60 seconds yo smoke when you die and waiting to spawn.

    I still play cod waw nazi zombies.

    Unreal tournament '14
  6. If i had a gaming PC, Id wake up early saturday morning. Smrk a burl and then get on DayZ and play that all day until its time for sleep. Id make one character and take that shit seriously and just try to survive the whole day without getting killed, while smrking more burls throughout the day.


    Thatd be cool

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  7. Left 4 Dead 2. With 3 other friends.
  8. L4D2 is fuckin' awesome. Check out Terraria. It's a sandbox exploration and building game. Imagine a side scrolling Minecraft-esque game.
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    Arma 3 multiplayer, mostly wasteland, also spending a lot of time trying to figure out the map editor.
    DayZ, been having horrible luck with this game lately, I'll get completely geared out then starve to death trying to find some food lol. I guess they are trying to put more emphasis on hunting and farming and less on finding rations. Game has changed so much since the last time I played it in arma 2 way back, places that used to be hot spots for good loot are now barren. Gotta change up my strategies.
    I love the complexity of both these games, most of the time it's slow paced but when the shit hits the fan its so intense, and every once in a while you get this wow wtf moment that makes the boring parts so worth it.
  10. Red Orchestra/ Rising Storm.
    The most intense FPS experience you can get. 
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  12. Its kinda like a mixture of Zelda Mario minecraft and dig dug


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