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  1. I'm a new girl to growing and have the age old problem of limited space and security.. i'll go ahead and grow anyway but can anyone recommend the best strains to use?

    I've been looking at seeds for a few days now and still cannot decide, they all look nice! :D

    - Lowrider plants seem to be the logical choice because they are dwarf plants, a perfect height for stealth (cupboard) grows, huh? maybe i can grow six at a time.

    -Cinderela 99 has a been recommended because of its sneaky sneaky pineapple odour and good strengh, however does a pineapple joint really sound nice?

    Or maybe i should just change the grow method, for example the low stress training (LST)?

    I know this is lazy but i'll be honest with you, what I really want is a large yield with a good smoke, nothing that'll make me crazy but something that is satisfactory to the seasoned smoker... BUT with limited space, experience, money and security.
    Not too much to ask is it? huh?

    Thank you for any help,

  2. lowrider should be avoided. i've heard a few negative reviews for it. it should only be grown by someone looking for an easy autoflower plant. from what i recall, it got that way through breeding with ruderallis which is a practically 0% THC russian strain only suitable for fiber production.

    cindy on the other hand is more than just pineapple. she smokes like a straight up sativa. she's speedy and trippy and not at all like MOST of the indica crap that get's sold on the street. she's about the closest thing to thai as you can get in a closet AND she's stealthier than her jack herer and super silver haze siblings which are skunkier and more couchlocking.

    i spent ALOT of time trying to find the most practical thai substitute and cindy topped my my list and stealth wasn't even my biggest issue although skunky super silverh haze was immediately eliminated from consideration just because skunk reminds me too much of indicas.

    unless you can't handle really trippy and racy weed that can induce paranoia, C99 is the coolest strain i know of. i have some C99 splash myself because a little extra dash of extra trippy pure sativa (vietnamese Lien Huanh) sounds even closer to the thai i started out smoking and that made me hate EVERYTHING i ever bought after it disappeared.

    sativas in general are stealthier. i'm not 100% sure, but i think i read that slightly larger and 100% sativa burmese is on the stealthy side too.

    C99 is great stuff, not because she's stealthy and tastes like pineapple, but because she's like a dwarf sativa that matures super fast.
  3. Thanks a lot,
    Since a I posted i've read up on the C99 and I think from what I researched and your previous comment, Cindy is the girl for me.

    One thing I didn't find out, does C99 react well with LST? or will I have to pay out for a uber hydro thingy?

    thanks again,

    scoobysnax x
  4. C99 is awesome and I've never met anyone who didn't love the smell and taste. She reacts well to LST, topping, and FIMming. Has a tendency to be stretchy (can still be grown in small areas with a little effort) and her branches aren't the strongest in the world. She's a bit of a nutrient hog and can be a tad finicky. She's a fast finisher especially for a sativa buzz. I never got monster yields but I have seen plenty of people that did. Cindy is one of my favorite strains and the final product should be much better than the LR.
  5. where can one order some c99 seeds? can't seem to find them on the doc's site.
  6. two places i found with a quick "cinderella 99" + seeds search on altavista yielded

    you could probably find other shops by looking for brothers grimm & other banks that have C99

    it's getting harder and harder to find C99. doc USED TO have it through spice brothers, but i think SB is out of buisiness as they haven't restocked doc or the other UK shop that carried them in over a year. i got my C99 splash (C99 with a little bit of potent & trippy 100% sativa lien huanh) from doc last year before they sold out at spice brothers. i also grabbed my (A11g X lien huanh) X A11g there too for the same reason. i don't know how stealthy Apollo 11 is, but it's C99 crossed with a hybrid called genius. it's lemony & trippy, but not as paranoid as C99. it's more laid back and euphoric.

    heaven's stairway used to carry a couple different banks that had C99, but they disappeared a couple years ago too.

    it would be REALLY SAD if C99 were to go the way of all the other extinct varieties out there.

    you could also try seedbay, i imagine C99 pops up there fairly regularly. if i ever get to growing 7 breeding, i might put a bunch of C99 splash hybrids up there myself as the first thing i'll do is breed everything i have with a C99 male if one of the last 3 seeds i have is a male.
  7. has anyone successfully grown sweet dreams? whered you get it? i wana try this strain out soo bad, im a fiend for the
  8. I'm pretty much interested in the same qualities scoobysnaxdb is looking for. C99 looks amazing, but the price is indeed a bit steep for my pocket's. I know you pay for quality (and by the description's given, it sounds amazing), but I just can't shell out that much at the moment.

    Anyway, any other reccomendation's? I don't really want to purchase the LowRyders seeings as the reviews they get on GC is lackluster at the best.

    So, anyone else have any knowledge to share? Thanks in advance.
  9. you're a bit late in the game to get cheap C99 beans. there were alot more sources just a year ago. one shop sold six packs of fems for just $25 last year and i've seen regular 10 packs for just $30 a couple more years ago.

    it's starting to look like C99 might be becoming extinct like many other great varieties out there.

    the prices are higher because it's only available from the original source now. knockoffs are always cheaper. i think i paid $35 for my spice brothers' C99 splash beans.

    try looking into DTC99. last i saw doc still had some of those and with more sativa than C99, it shouldn't be much smellier, but info is scarce on DTC99 (C99 & durban thai highflyer)

    if there's a C99 X northern lights #5 cross, that should be worth considering. northern lights is considered low odor for an indica dominanty strain. an NL #5 X sativa strain would like be stealthy, but i'm not that well read on indicas.
  10. if lowryder isnt even worth buying to most, would masterlow be a better alternative? (masterlow = masterkushxlowryder)
  11. again... you should avoid ANYTHING with ruderalis genetics which only serve to detract from your THC count.

    if you aren't interested in trippy & speedy (& also paranoid C99) there are still plenty of alternatives. apollo 11 is a mellow & euphoric (but trippy) C99 cross that's also stealthy. i just found that out in my copy of the 3 cannabibles, but if you're looking for a more indica based bud, definately consider northern lights & NL#5. they're potent & compact cash crop type indicas, but aren't skunky. they are the base for many a fruity strain.

    i think there are a couple other strains in there that were noted for stealthiness. i'll have to get back to on that for more names.

    BTW, the cannabible too has a couple paragraphs dedicated to ruderalis and says pretty much the same thing. lowrider is inferior smoke.
  12. so youre saying to stay away from all lowryders even the hybrids? masterlow looked dank as shit. i just want a stealth plant cause im not even trying to get caught. c99 sounds amazing but how well can it be hid? i was planning an outdoor grow and dont want like 10 foot monsters (even though that'd be awesome). also how easy are c99 to grow im a very unexpereinced grower even though ive read more than i can remember
  13. oh and btw if i were to buy c99 seeds now how could i store them until next growing season ( end of april/ mid may for me)
  14. just keep seeds in a cool dry place and they should be fine for at least a year.

    if you want to store seeds a really long time (as in years), you can even refrigerate or freeze them, but if i remember right, you shouldn't thaw then re-freeze them if you do that. as long as your seeds don't get hotter than comfortable room temperature, they should keep fine over the winter.

    i've popped bagseed that was A FEW YEARS OLD before.

    C99 is "the sativa that thinks she's an indica". she grows quick & compact, but if stealth is your primary goal, then actually, blants that get tall and sttretch are even stealthier. compact and dense plants are easy to see. that's whay copters look for... little christmas tree shaped plants. you should look into growing plants with cover like under trees. one grower in california bred a strain calledtreetop because he actually grew it inside treetops!

    tallk stretchy plants are even stealthier though because you can tie them down and hide them under short cover like flower beds sort of like the idea behind scrogging. some have also grown stretchy sativas on trellises and camoflaged them as creeping flowers with artificial flowers tied to them.

    when you tie plants down, they just look like low growing foliage instead of familiar pine trees.

    i KNOW FOR A FACT that i walked through a field just outside a city i lived in had skunk growing in it. i couldn't see it, but i could clearly smell it and it wasn't the rodent type of skunk either. after 1/2 hour of wantering around trying to snag a bud and tripping over old abandoned tie downs, i quit looking. if i couldn't find it at ground level, i doubt copters would have spotted it either.

    it's the shape of weed plants that's the biggest giveaway. when you tie it down, you can make it look like a creeping vine that would only be easy to spot when you're close enough to actually see the telltale leaves, but even then, growers have trimmed the tips of leaves to make them look like they're shaped differently.
  15. damn you just completely changed my mind dude haha. alright so im about to order these

    first off, ive only ever done one other grow (bagseed) but it got taken away by a storm a couple weeks in. it was about 2 feet tall . how hard will this grow be? i was going to use organic soil maybe fox farm or something like that in 5 gallon buckets. my outdoor spot is great and gets loads of sun. deers are kind of a problem so i was gonna spread hair and piss everywhere, would that work out?do the c99 need nutreints cause ive never used them or read about them, any special treatments? if i have enough money maybe ill just get the lowryder to mess around its very interesting

    p.s any c99 tips, facts, or links are appreciated
  16. i'm not really an "experienced grower" so far, all i've really done is grow plants under shoplights in 16oz plastic cups inside 16oz cups (to prevent leaking) or moved up to 2 pint square containers and trimed the daylights out of them for dayly smoke until they stress out and die. i've only grown "banzais" for leaflet trim which isn't actually bad.

    the trim i was getting from about 40 plants and a dozen varieties of bagseed (several mexican commercial sativas) was actually better than the bud everyone had. it wasn't at all couchlocking even with at least 1/3 of the plants being definate hybrids to flat out indy or skunk. i bet in part because all of the trichromes i harvested were only a day or two old and not degraded and also because they were getting some UV from the blue actinic fishtank lights i was using for side lighting.

    i did the same thing with my store bought beans too sadly. i always INTEND to grow my plants out, but can't resist the lure of THC calling to me from the next room. LOL

    sadly, i'm down to my last 3-4 beans each for:
    C99 splash
    pure power plant
    mixed sativa
    bubble gum
    california orange

    i haven't touched my
    kali mi$t
    haze skunk
    (A11g X lien huanh) X A11g

    yet though.

    sorry, i just don't have any actual flowering experience & all of my growing has been indoors. definately stop by the grow forums. i'm sure there's plenty of threads about outdoor grows and you'd definately get an answer to just about any specific question you have.

    i'm concentrating all of my energies on indoor SCROGging (a variation of trellising that's horizontal)

    in addition to predatory piss, you might consider wrapping your plants with wire fence.

    yeah... weed is definately tasty to critters. heck, my cat used to try to break into my grows and sit around begging for leaf when i'd harvest the day's trim.

    just about anything i know about outdoor growing was from reading my 3 grow guides from 20 years ago when i was already disgusted with indicas. 20 years later, i STILL haven't really done much about it except masturbate. LOL

    i can tell this much about C99, when she's little at least, there's no way you could tell she smokes like a sativa. she looks like a straight up fat leaf little indica.

    hey, before you order those C99s, look around some more. 40p is about $80! i'm positive i saw $50 C99s at hempdepot somewhere. i'm a bit scattered at the moment actually, because i'm trying to find a grow guide link i posted in another thread. whenever you see a price in pounds, count on it being twice that in dollars. just go to google and type
    pounds to dollars currency converter
    to get google's currency converter & links to others online.

    crap, i'm going to have to open a 3rd window now, i'm going to dig the lowryder grow reports i posted yesterday so you can see how crappy it really is. after you read that, check out the C99 reports at the brothers grim link. you might get good grow info there too.
    Apollo 11 (like C99, but less paranoid & more euphoric & laid back, but still trippy)
    northern lights (but NL #5 is better i think, but can't find any good NL#5 reports)

    those are the stealth strains i'm aware of, but pure sativas are generally stalthy too. it's those little rat bastid indicas you've gotta avoid.
  17. another stealth strain i just read about today for your consideration is mendicino madness.

    i SUPPOSEDLY had a couple hits of some recently too, or at least mendicino AREA bud, anyways and it was fun. i only took a couple light hits as i'd been dry for the better part of a year, but it hit me with some nice clear headed euphoria fairly quickly. i didn't feel couchlocked at all like just one hit of east coast indica beasters make me whatever the exact strain was.
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    C99 is a good choice. Also true C99 isn't just pineapple it has grapefruit and pineapple phenotypes. The grapefruit was much darker than the pineapple pheno. But the Grapefruit pheno REAKED after the rain but I swear it was some really awesome sticky as honey shit. And C99 really smells like an actual grapefruit or pineapple. I wouldn't LST though. If you are going for stealth you gotta top it. I heard though that Mosca's version of C99 they inbreed a select pineapple pheno. So if you are looking for that I would go with Mosca. I'm thinking of trying it next year. Beware of the grapefruit though! C99 can be stanky with the right (or in your case the wrong) pheno. Be ready to chop it down early if it starts reeking on you.
    There are some other strains I like better personally that would work well. NL#5. It's really one of my favorite strains ever. High isn't super powerful, but it sure makes you feel great. Low odor, good yields, super easy to grow, and you can top it easily to keep low. Gets that classic flavor/smell after the cure that is wonderful. I've had like no odor growing these before.
    Though I must say if you don't have the "space" or "security" then it's a pretty dangerous thing to do (depending on your location). May I suggest going guerrilla. Start out by finding a fertile place near a river/creek far far away from any roads and on the other side of river than the road is on. Take a soil sample and bring it to your local nursery. Ask them for a ph test and tell them what you want to be your PH to be close to 6.3. They will tell you if you need to do anything to amend the soil. At this point you could do that or just carry some good bag soil out there. Thorn or blackberry bushes are always good protection, I have planted some pokey ass bramble before to keep people out.. Make a small fence out of sticks and fishing line, spray coyote pee on the fence and that area. Make them extremely hard to find. Just find a place that really sucks to get to, something you know no other person would walk normally walk through. I actually do 2 spots in case one of them gets hit by the laws, disease, thieves, etc. The best tip I can give you is learn about the agricultural aspect around growing sensi. Sunlight, PH balance, nutrients, composting, crop rotation, seeding+transplanting, and plant illnesses and how to cure/treat them. Also remember don't leave trash around a guerrilla grow. Spread the plants out don't have a big group of them. If you do these last two things you will have a better chance of not getting spotted by helicopters.
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