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best state for medical cannabis?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mrvaporist, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. So im thinking about relocating to a different state within the next year and was wondering what is the best state for medical mj is. I heard in colorado its in the states constitution so your protected pretty good thats where im leaning towards.
  2. i would probably say colorado as well, and thats being completely unbiased.

    i have only been here 6 years and have lived many other places and denver has turned out to be one of the coolest, newest, cleanest, cool cities i have ever lived in
  3. Denver Rocks...but I am looking to move to Oregon maybe...
  4. i have always heard great things about oregon!
  5. IMO it's

    1. Colorado
    2. California
    3. TIE Oregon/Washington

    those 4 states have made the most progress by far.
  6. It all depends on your stlye and what you like. Hot weather and super hot chicks come out to cali, but its more expensive. You like snowboarding or nature go to Colorado. I can't wait to move out to CO..
  7. toooooooooo many damn people in cali, Oregon or Colorado
  8. I'm from WA. Don't come here. You don't wanna be here. I don't wanna be here. Don't come here!

    I've heard good things about Oregon and Cali. I'm thinking about moving to Cali once I can.
  9. What's wrong with WA? I'm from Seattle, I love it here....
  10. What? This argument isn't even valid.

    Oregon has like 4 million tops.
    Colorado is around 5 million.
    Washington is about 7 million.

    Cali has 37 million.

    The way Cali is heading they might not
    have mmj anymore if they keep fuckin' up.

  11. Yeah I think colorado it is, whats the cost of living as compared to cali? how long does it take to become a legal patient once you get all of your documentation in?

  12. Im also curious about the cost of living.

  13. I'm from Seattle too, I hate it here. .......What do you do here that makes you love it...

  14. I fucking love the seattle area... Portland area as well. Denver/Co. Springs is way dope. Not many people know anything about Montana medical marijuana... don't move here... we like our small 990,000+ population.

    I love CO, MT, WA, and OR.... we have the cheapest weed in the nation. Cali is such a cropshoot when it comes to prices... it's 50-60/eighth @ dispensaries and $2,000/lb from growers. Talk about dumb ass inflation ahha... :cool:

    Washington= $150-200/oz
    Oregon= $100-200/oz... even cheaper
    Colorado= $175-200/oz... and it's usually a lot fucking better
    Montana= $200-225/oz for me... always 10/10 fire... just got some purple urkel
    But some people arent as fortunate in my state like my patient friends... they are getting charged $250-275/oz from their caregivers... so they charge us non patient peeps $280-300/oz. So lame... and it's worse than the shit i can get from my best connect.

  15. Hmm, idk the numbers so I can't really compare.
    However, I've lived in CO for my whole life and
    I've met COUNTLESS people from Cali who moved
    here for that exact reason, cost of living. Seriously
    I bet 3 out 5 newbies here say "Oh I was from Cali,
    I loved it, but man it's so expensive."

    So what does that tell you?

    Also, once you move to CO, you need to obtain
    a CO DL or state ID to prove residency. There
    used to be a rule that you had to be a resident
    for 2 years before you could get a mmj card.
    Not the case anymore, they did away with that
    and starting in Jan, the fee for your card will be
    $35 instead of $90.

    So (whatever your name is), come on down!
    Or up, or where ever the hell you're from.

  16. i can verify this! Im from NJ but i went to visit relatives in Denver (MMJ liscensed:smoke:) and i can agree it is one of the coolest, friendliest places ever. you smell weed in apartment hallways, you can walk around with red ass eyes and no one gives you dirty looks:) like they do in other places.

    i dont think its that clean, have you seen the homeless around? south park was right, theyre everywhere!!!! like zombies

  17. Psh only in the heart of Denver. It's the only place
    where they can survive. Like Zion in the Matrix,
    they're at the core where it's still warm...with
    handouts and such.

  18. lol very true, but my relatives live in a apartment complex in the smack center of the city. like 10 min walk to coors stadium, and near a homeless shelter with this awesome giant ass weird sculpture outside, if u know where that is.

  19. :laughing:

    Yes I do...yes I do.

    Tell them to move man...

  20. I plan on moving to denver or aurora. beautiful places man.

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