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Discussion in 'General' started by Dreeker, May 30, 2004.

  1. Got Your Attention, now i have to go outside for 10 min, ill post it when i come back
  2. Hah, why didn't you just post it in 10 minutes to begin with? Stoners... :hippie:
  3. Its a Clock, i took off the lid, took some tape taped wires togethere to the edge (its one of those big round alarm clocks that is manual not autamatic) then afterwards i had a big enough space for about 10 lighters, i have a lil black box that fits there edxactly, i can keep a lighter, an eight of weed and 15 grams of DXM in the same spot, very handy
  4. No way dude, this is the best stashbox ever:

  5. THis is the coolest stash box I've seen. I have one being shipped to me right now.:D UPS tracking says I should have it by June 7th.:D:D

    Comes with 3 different silk screens to make hash with. I can't wait.

  6. Pictures will be up tommorow, my dad hid his digi camera so i had to use a reg one then scan it
  7. yeah id have to agree a ps2 is best. that is what my friend did with his once his mom found his stash under his floorboards that we pryed up. just take off the little door for the network adapter and you got room for about 3 lighters, an altoids tin of weed, a roller, and a pipe.

    PS2 baby!
  8. yeah man. Those thing are fucking cavernous on the inside.

  9. Where did you buy it man?? It just looks too cool... I might need one after I harvested my first grow :D
  10. Its called the Bubble Box.

    3 layers of dry sift filtration (80, 120, 200 LPI)
    No internal lacquers or glues for plants to absorb
    Constructed of white pine from New Zealand
    Felt bottom lining to protect table top surfaces
    Beautiful birds eye maple (green) or swirled rose wood (brown)
    Real wood veneer, not photo paper
    Humidor quality – 15 coat high gloss lacquer
    Lock and key security w/ 2 keys
    Acrylic catch plate, Gold plated fittings, PVC scraping cards and storage area
    $150.00 USD

    They sell the bubblebags and these stash boxes. A few other things too.

  11. $150???isnt that overkill?...i like colorful tins, or made-by-yourself in woodshop stash boxes with nice carvings;)

  12. For some, maybe. But not me. ;)
  13. yeah but I have the network adapter in lol and its a bitch to put on over and over so not for me!

  14. hey, for the same price as that $150 wooden stash box, u can buy another ps2 and use that as ur stash box. plus u can also play non-network enabled games on it in another room of ur house ;)


  15. Some of us like to go in style... :D Those who do know what I'm talking about lol. But $150 is a lot of money..maybe on day... :D
  16. That PS2 doesn't come with screens to seperate trichs from leaves to make hash with though.;)

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