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Best stash spot out of these

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by stoned42, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Im 20, my parents dont really approve me smoking weed so they just "confiscate" it if they find it, my mum for some reason is very nosey and sometimes looks through my room :rolleyes:
    I have 3 ideas
    - Opening up a teddy and putting it in there
    - Getting a stash deoderant can
    - Hiding it in my beats case

    Also this includes for my pipe, grinder etc :smoke:
  2. The stash deodorant can sounds like a good idea.
  3. Thanks man, the problem is thats the only one I have to buy, also whats better the beats one or the teddy one?

  4. Cops look there
  5. My stash is my printer, it works great. With my printer I have to open like three little doors to get to this pretty good sized empty spot, that works perfectly for a stash
  6. Hide it in multiple places. You know, like don't stash all of your weed in one spot. Just remember where it all is. Any discreet containers that aren't see through will do. Just inconspicuous shit. Things that dont get moved around often, things that are ignored or un-noticed. also, hard to reach spots work great too.
    Just be creative. Sometimes impulsive stash spots are the best, because trying too hard to plan shit out, you may not realize how obvious it is.
    You could also put shit in a sock, and staple/thumbtack it to the back of a shelf or something big and heavy that doesn't get moved. Thats what my girl does in her room:)
  7. Put it inside your computer.
    I used to hide my weed from my gf in there or in my game cases lol
    Now I dont have to worry about crazy gf Im single and can fuck whoever I want and smoke whoever I want :)
  8. Stash it in a pocket of a jacket that's in the back of your closet.
  9. dude, your 20.
  10. I prefer in the teddy bear.Because cop's would look into can's.If you can poke a small hole on the bottom of the bear and shove your stash inside.Put the teddy bear somewhere nobody will realize what's up (know what I mean?).
  11. #11 Nottatumor, Aug 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2012
    Are you a teddy bear kinda guy I sure hope so. Otherwise that is very obvious.

    A good rule don't break habit to hide anything contraband or activity.
  12. Hmm well my beats case would probably fit but it could get seen into, a teddy bear wouldn't be searched and opened, I used to have a dolphin toy when I was younger haha, I'm also putting everything like grinder pipe etc
  13. Back of a ps2 works well :)
  14. Dont have a ps2, only xbox 360 :(
  15. Hey man.I'm gonna get this settled.Just put it inside a marker.Like a perminate marker,the markers teacher's use to write at the board.Google it.
  16. This would actually be a great idea but I need to hind my grinder, pipe, 2 lighters, papers etc, wont even fit in the deoderant can
  17. if you have an extra pair of shoes put it in the shoes then put the shoes in the box and then put it on a shelf and then put like books or something next to it and just let it get dusty as shit so it doesnt look like you go near it nuff said
  18. dude mabee u should quit smoking until you get your own place ur 20 for christ sake
  19. The hole on a big bass speaker, stick it in there then fish it out l8er.
    If your really paronoid put it in a back pack then find a bush or tree in your backyard and hide it in there. nobody uses my backyard and it's all fenced off and there is tons of bush, perfect place. If your mom checks your room a lot don't hide it in there try the bathroom or basement. My old house had a bathroom with tiles that come down kinda like schools so I could hide all my shit in there. There is no use trying to hide it from the cops, they got dogs n shit, only way to hide it from the cops is to bury it or something.
  20. shell never look in your asshole

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