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  1. In an attempt to be more subtle and diminish the smell of burning weed, I've started seriously considering investing in a vape. I have the money for just about whatever I want but I've never vaped before so I'm not sure if it makes sense to buy the Maybach of vaporizers incase I don't like it.

    Also, I have a question about the smell. Do vapes smell AT ALL? I've heard mixed things. Can It go completely unoticed as long as I keep the door shut while smoking?

    Any advice / feedback is greatly appreciated!
  2. My sugjestion to you would be a vapor brothers unit. I love mine. Its quality, and reasonably priced. About the smell, it just smells like burnt popcorn. If sombody dint know what vape smell was, they couldnt decern it as smoking MJ. Hope this helps =)
  3. magic flight launch box.
    minimal smell.
    A+ out of the vapes i have tried.
  4. In my experience the smell from a vape is generally a lot less noticeable than say a joint or a bong. Its not %100 smell proof but it is far easier to cover up with an air freshener or even just an open window. I guess its just because you use so much less weed than you would normally and heat it rather than burn it.
  5. depends on what your budget is..
    if you don't want to spend a lot on a starter vape..Magic launch flight box..or Vapor genie.
    Vapor genie is $55
    Magic launch box is $80-$99

    Whip and bag vaporizers are more expensive.
    some brands/model you should check out.
    Da budda Vaporizer
    Purple Days
    Silver Surfer

    my best advice would be to start out with something not so expensive..see how you enjoy vaporizing on a small scale..then work your way up to buying bigger and more expensive systems.

    Vaporizers do smell..depending on what they vaporize..vaporize weed and the room is going to smell like hot bud..but not smoke or burning bud(unless your heat is up)..keeping the door closed does help containing the smell but it also kills air circulation..your best bet is to light a candle/incense..crack a window or turn on a fan. other than that vapor does dissipate by itself after awhile.

    i hope i was some help..btw my first vape was a vapor brothers handfree i did a lot of research before i bought it on different forums and websites before i settled.
  6. Guess I'm a little spoiled when I got my first vape then. Don't know much about different types or brands or vapes, bongs, bubblers, an that kinda stuff... I just smoke.

    My first vape was the Volcano vape, which many consider like the holy grail of vape (bags) and vapes in general. Never tried any other type though so couldn't tell you. As for smell, it is somewhat minimal, but since I tend to cook minbe at higher temps than normal, I might get a slight burnt popcron smell, if at best. After I make the bag, and click o nthe mouthpiece, I take the black container wit hwhere the MJ is put in for heating, and take it off the unit and onto something that wont burn, (it is hot afterall). Also, I rake the stuff around and move it around so it doesn't burn more, cools down, and doesnt keep the smell in.

    My sister somewhat trashed the vape a bit (doesnt really clean it, and after 3 or 4 yrs of use, havent changed out the first bag), so that could go towards the smell as well.

    Keep it clean, start off at lower temps, and maybe crack open a a window a bit, and enjoy... you should be fine with that. :smoking:
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    If your vapor smells like spent popcorn you are vaping too hot. Turn down the temp and just turn it up a bit a t a time until you can see vapors on exhale. Your bud will taste much much much better

    Damn I forgot about op. There are a ton of factors in recommending a starter vape. Check out the forums over on They are probably the best place to go for info on vaping. As far as my personal recommendation I would say go with a DaBuddah from 7th floor. It's whip based which I think works better than the bag when you are alone. Even when with a group it's not as cumbersome ans passing a bag around. It starts around 150 and you may even be able to find them cheaper on the net. I would also recommending you looking at the magic flight launch box or any of the stem style vapes(purple days, aroma/myrtlezap and the woodeez) the dabuddah is going to be the easiest to start out with as there is much less of a learning curve as far as loading and drawing techniques.
  8. just dont get a crappy china vape. i got one for my first vape and it almost ruined vaping for me. any of the suggested ones will get the job done.
  9. Best starter, portable, and cost/value vape (that I'm aware of) = magic flight launch box.

    In terms of smell, a friend of mine sat on the other side of the room (about 10ft away), and couldn't smell anything during a full vape session.
  10. as far as smell for a vape, i have a vaporbrothers and i was hitting it in my room watching a movie and my dad walked in (first close encounter with the vape) and he just asked me what the smell was and i said i cooked popcorn and he was like, Oh alright well cya in the morning
  11. well to be honest (in my opinion) vaping smells just like straight bud.
    not burnt bud, just like someone left bud out in a room.
    it doesnt get that smokey smell though which is definitely an advantage.
    but anyone who says it doesnt smell at all is just a vape fanboy.
  12. Im waiting for my extreme q to come in, so far I havnt heard anything bad about it, its like 250.

    If you want to go cheap, my friend has the launch box and its a great vape for the price.
  13. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  14. Thanks lwien :]
  15. I bought the launch box for 99 bucks, and had no problem using it :smoking:
  16. I'm starting to wonder what i did before I had my Da Buddha. Best investment I ever made.
  17. Magic Flight Launch Box or Da Budda. Depends on the style you're looking for but those are the basic two I would recommend for a portable vs. home vaporizer.
  18. i have a hot box vape... literally just a ceramic box with a heating element and a hose lol... pretty basic and it vapes like mutha
  19. Either Da Buddha, Purple Days(amazing), Iolite, or Volcano
  20. Woodeez along with a magic flight launch box. best combo eva :smoking:

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