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    Let's get down to business bitches:

    What y'all need:
    A bottle- any kind really works
    Knife/scissors- Will help, not needed
    Dryer sheets - You get what you pay for
    Toilet paper/tissues- TP is better

    Those rocks that you put in your washing machine-
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391896185.666680.jpg

    Alright so:
    > Empty water bottle
    > Take off cap
    > Stuff dryer sheets in until half full
    Pour some crystal in
    > More dryer sheets until 95% full
    > Fold TP or tissues into small squares
    (1/4th the size of a reg TP square)
    > Cut holes in the bottom
    ( I used 8 slits about a cm long each)

    The reason I put the TP in there is because it catches all the resin, and I found that the actual resin makes the smells of the sheets go away faster because it coats the smell good in resin, I replace the "filter" every session.
    I find that I need to make a new one every month of so.

    It's more elaborate then most but this bitch is a monster. I can smoke ANY where I'm the house with this, there is NO smell (of weed) that comes out of the bottle. The only thing you need to worry about is the smoke that doesent go into your lungs

    I will post picture when I get back in town

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