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Best Spiritual HIGH!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JointNo1, Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. well this past week i had spring break im 15 10th grade, and smoke weed like everyday and my grades are always below adverage cuz idont care hardly about it, so me and about 4 friends found this abandoned house in my neighbor hood with Electricity and heat/air and plumbng works(Water works) so this whole last week we have been smoking like atleast 3 blunts aday

    so today after we just finished a blunt and took a couple of rips on a friends bowl i went to lay down on the floor just thinking how i have school tommarow and i was thinking how my grades are always bad and stuff so i was thinking i could do better and how much better it will be if i pay just a little more attention in school stop skipping, stop smoking before school just go sober do my work and get it over with. So idk why im typing this but i men it feels so great, how i feel eagered to do good in school, and i think its a good step foward for me to stop smoking before school or during, I mean just wait till i get off the bus and go take a walk and smoke.

    Im wondering if anyof you guys have ever had a spiritual high where they say their gonna do something and actually follow through, I mean Hey! im still kinda baked and i really want to take a step foward and do something with my life, but i hope i have the same mind set when i wake up for school tommarow, but w.e.

    i will inform you guy if i follow through with my word, Wish me luck:eek:
  2. god another thread where a kid admits that hes under age. well anyway if i were you i would get my shit together and stop acting like a little punk who dosnt care about school. ur in 10th grade come on get over it i mean i used to pull that shit in middle school but as a high schooler start caring about a college accepting u and getting a decent job in the future so u dont have to work at burger king for the rest of you life. by the way i dont mean to sound like an asshole but i used to do the same thing and i finally realized that i better stop acting like a little prick and start doing good in school. so good move on ur part. do good in school trust me.
  3. Hey man, no offense to you sticky, but I don\'t know where you live, but up here, even with a college or university degree, that diploma does shit where there\'s too much competition in your field.

    But..that\'s not saying you shouldn\'t get your shit together and do something with yourself, JointNo1. You\'re only 15 and in 10th grade. If you start to take your schooling more seriously now, you still have enough time to fix yourself up. It\'s not too late.

    Just stick with it and only smoke when you\'re done your homework :D
  4. well hopefully you take our advice this once because you will be outta here soon :wave:

    high school is the easiest best most fun time in your life you should enjoy not having to pay bill and just having to worry about school and maybe a bullshit part time job
  5. ok no offense to you or anytihng but i fucking HAte it when some older person calls me a prick or a punk for not caring about school, BUt look let me clarify something. my school has over 2,000 students with a graduating class of only around 200 students, where the adverage freshman class has around 400 students and by the time that class makes it to the eleventh grade so seriusly dont fucking Question me like im the only mother fucker at this school that struggleling, i mean fuck.
  6. thats good, just follow through with it, and i think you meant that you\'re 18 and in 12th grade...:smoke:

  7. i know sorry if that came out a little bit harsh and i didnt mean to call u a prick or a punk but just stick with school man good for u.
  8. yeah what you said;) i hope i dont get banned for being under age.
    that would suck:confused:
  9. All you have to make sure to do is get a diploma and go to college. Whether you start at community college or a big university, an education higher than high school is mandatory.
  10. exactly
  11. In all likeliness you will, sorry. But I wish you the best of luck with school and getting back on track.
  12. Heh, man school sucks. I am not kidding, it sucks.. But its 4 years out of your life, once youre out college will be much easier.

    Oh, and for the record, you WILL be banned for being underage. NEVER admit your age if you are under 18 on this forum, and you will be allowed back in 3 years.

  13. You dumbass, your stoned and your really 18! Right?
  14. lol another one bites the dust, im sorry i had to say it lol. this is happening on a daily basis.
  15. yeah guys im sorry for the mis hap i dont remember ever making this thread im really 26 and have a wife, i never went to college:smoking:
  16. I know the position you occupy. If you don\'t start right now there\'s the chance you never will. Yeah, I\'ve had stoned epiphanies, you\'ve just had one, pick up the pace!! Smoking after schoolwork is so relaxing. And ps, if you keep using electricity in that house the electric company may alert the cops. I can tell you were joking about the age thing, so instead of posting again, edit your original posts.

  17. should be do well in school.....
    i actually got something out of high school and i still smoked everyday after school!!!
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