best song about weed.

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  1. best song about weed. not just songs that sound good high. probably been done before but i feel its interesting enough to bring back.

    weed song - bone thugs
    burn one down- ben harper my quote cause its so dope

    your favorites please.
  2. marijuana by actually gives a good message, like ben does. its not just a "we be blazing, getting fucked up" song.

    jah works is a great example of the rastafarian obsession with weed. check out "chalice", its chorus is in my sig.
    some band named kmk has a few songs about pot (HA!)
    the song "railroad earth" by the band of the same name
    "its a plant" by keller
    im sure string has a song about bud, cant remember it right now
    tosh - legalize it
    hits from the bong- cypress
    yonder - keep on goin>legalize it
    luda - blueberry yum yum

    thats all for now.

    oh, and everybody's favorite...puff the magic dragon.
  3. I like We be Burnin', Sean Paul

    We be burnin' not concernin' what nobody wanna say.
    We be earnin' dollars turning 'cause we mind de pon we pay.

    Some got gold and oil and diamonds - all we got is Mary J :D :D

    good shit...
  4. yeah cyrpess is good "i want to get high" is my favorite.

    i like the ben harper message cause its less bragging about loving blunts and more just i smoke, i enjoy it, its not your business what i do in my free time, i'll have to check the phish song

    pretty much everything by peter tosh is about weed i like "bush doctor" alot
  5. i hate it when artists make songs about weed but then let them be radio edited out just to make money. thats the biggest sell out. "gotta stay fly" i started laughing when i heard that
  6. phish has never played a song called marijuana

  7. I have that song on my computer.
  8. well its just trey then, i know its him.
  9. It's not an obsession, it's a religious sacrament.
  10. hey, i used to be obsessed with religion
  11. Im listening to it now..
  12. too bad its not phish....or trey...or anything phish-related.
  13. Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath

    Straight people don't know what you're about
    They put you down and shut you out
    You gave to me, a new belief
    and soon the world will love you sweet leaf.
  14. KMK- rest of my life

    'I'm gonna smoke wee-eed for the rest of my life i'm in love with mary jane i'm gonna make her my wife."

    lol, corny, but fun.
  15. mf doom - my favorite ladies

    "Mary, you make me wanna eat you
    Everytime I see you, it's like the first time I meet you
    Frangrance like a flower, subtle and sweet too"

    edit: and declaime - roll'em right
  16. then tell us what it is...four people on here (and countless ones i know) think it is phish. please enlighten us with your plentiful knowledge, for my poor ears could swear that it is trey's voice.
  17. for the mf doom fan, check out greenery by quasimoto aka madlib
  18. i suppose you think phish also plays that bluegrass version of gin & juice, right?

    i dont know who plays "marijuana", but i am 110% positive it is not phish. trust me.
  19. man you are a negative nancy.
    nope its leftover salmon, im gonna see their guitar player tonite, he's playing with mother fucking RAILROAD EARTH. ahhhhhh im gonna cream my pants!!!!
  20. this is really hard for me to tell you, but that gin & juice isnt LOS either.

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