Best solvent for oil?

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  1. Hey what's up. I am looking into making some oil for my next grow, I have made hash many time's but this is my first time making oil.
    First off, I am not using butane. I have both a rice cooker and electric skillet. Which one is better for it? Or mostly just depending on how much you have of it. I plan on making a test batch with an oz. of bud. About how much do you think I will get out of it?
    Ok so on to the solvent question. What is the best? I have made qwiso before and was not a fan of it. So I would like to stay away from iso alcohol if possible. I have heard acteone on here before but also that it doesn't fully burn off. How about a high proof alcohol like everclear or something?
    Anyone got any tips? I'm lost with all this, I have tried searching but can't really get a clear answer.

  2. Butane, it is the cheapest and easiest option.
  3. Bho is amazing. Bite the bullet and get a glass extraction tube off eBay and a 12 pack of butane. I'm grabbing a 300 gram one this spring. My 40 gram one is too small.
  4. Butane to have good product is not cheap and yet it is easy to shoot, people can't clean there bho on top of it very flammable don't shoot in an inclosed area and don't have any flame within 20ft or moreSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. As I stated I will not be using butane.. Bho is not all it hyped up to be, I have 3 different batches of good quality bho. I still prefer dabbing hash, the high is better and lasts longer. All I get from bho is a cloudy head high, kinda weird high. The hash I get stoned off of, same shit when I was out in colorado.
    So all I need to know.. iso, acetone, or high proof alcohol. Or other
    explain how that is true?
    I know nothing about making bho and I know that is bullshit
  7. All you need is the butane and an extraction tube. You have everything else you need
  8. Sorry if my lingo is alittle off, like I said I don't know much about oil.
    Don't you need to purge though? Like a vaccum pump or something.
    The ways I have read to do it without butane is mix the trim with the iso or whatever you use, filter it and burn off the solvent in the rice cooker.
    I have half off at a local paint store so i have access to cheap solvents
    Like I said i'm trying to stay away from butane
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    Butane is easily the most readily available solvent due to local head shops usually and the easiest to make. Purging just takes time, you can purge low and slow at 100 degrees or less for a few days and be solid. i've done a few runs with ISO hash and wasn't as pleased as BHO because ISO takes a little longer to purge and boils off at a higher temp which ruins terpens...

    i;d try ethanol
    Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for.
  11. Glad to help!  I had just read read the "Oil" study a couple days ago, and remembered it. (yes, I DO read the studies in my List) It's not in my current 2013 version of the List, but I added to the new 2014 List that is coming out in February.
    Do you know about my "Granny Storm Crow's List"? :confused_2: I have this HUGE list of links to studies and news articles that I share with folks. It has all sorts of stuff in it, but it is all, in one way or another, related to cannabis. The main focus is medical use, but the "Miscellaneous" and "History" sections are rather eclectic and can be entertaining.  And I give my List away for the asking!  Just PM me your email address, or check out the bottom of my sig for mine, and email me! 
    The List can be quite useful. It has the science-backed answers for a lot of those little questions folks have- how long to hold a hit? Can male plants be worth smoking?  How long can I store cannabis? And it is really great for countering all those old prohibitionist's myths about cannabis! :devious:
    you should NOT be making oil..
  13. and the ISOhead thread has a wealth of great alcohol extraction tech
  14. Go fuck yourself
    the truth hurts.
    i have personally never made BHO and i know you are way off.
    you must love the taste of butane...
  16. I thought something was wrong, I know it's more complicated then that.
    Anyway still looking for some answers on what I should use
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    you can try food grade glycerin but you would have too soak for 2 months..and everclear still has alot of water content..
  18. Alright so i'm guess im stuck with iso then
  19. ether if available, ketone/acetone/glycerine in less than a day if you know your chem....

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