Best soil mix ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jonleviathan, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, I was at home depot and they have alot of the stuff you need to make soil like perlite peatmoss... can anyone give me a proper recipe to make the best soil to BC skunk ?
  2. I used some ofthe potting soil premixtures they have and they were fine.
    Make sure the stuff is fresh and not laying around long because you will be bringing home bugs.
    When I use them I use no fert cause they come with fert in them.

    I have had a lot of problem tring to feed my plants the soil mitures seem to have plenty of what we are looking for. i am sure some ferts can be added. But i tried maybe 30 varieties and none seemed to help more then they hurt.
  3. Ok well I just got back from the gardening shop and they had no vermiculate in small bags.... so I guess I cant add that to my mixture.... anyway I bought 60L of plain soil, 15L of perlite, and 20L of peat moss. My plan is to mix them as followed

    50% soil
    35% perlite
    15%peat moss

    Would this be good for growing ? Please tell me I spent 15$ on these soils!!

    Also how many litres should I pot my weed in ?
  4. ur gonna kill ur plant.. just get regular soil with the white balls.. if u have not started ur grow.. just germinate the seed.. put it into a cup with some soil, let it sprout to about 3 inches.. then transfer it into a pot with soil.. remember soil with ferts will kill a baby plant cause its to much shit in the soil for the plant to handle.. and i dont think soil has to do with what kinda bud ur gonna grow.. its about the strain of weed.. and how well u take care of it.. soil does help. dont get me wrong though.. i just dont think it grows a certin kinda weed..
  5. What do you mean im gonna kill my plant ? There is no added fertilizers in the soil I bought

    50% soil
    35% perlite
    15% peat moss
  6. Well I just did 70% soil and 30% pearlite ..... in 20 litre buckets...
  7. sorry bro i thought u were talking about FERTS.. thats why i said ur gonna kill ur babies.. but thats some good stuff u got going on.. good luck keep us posted
  8. sams choice hands down winner at walmart,use seed starter trays put 50% perlite in bottom and soil on top.transplant 2weeks .the seed starter will help with the watering problems.use either sit 24 hrs water or fresh water not both because the ph run offs will be diff.i dont care if they hav the same ph or not the runoff ph is the bottom line and whats a good runoff ph depends on medium. MM

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