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Best Soil Mix For Outdoors.(Organic)

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by BigBud42O, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. I was originally sold on Indoor Growing then I took a stroll over to the Outdoor section and have decided to go Outdoor. So I have started to plan my next grow. I'm going to dig a 2x2x2 hole and fill it with premium soil. So what should I get? I would like to be able to go to the local Lowes and get it. Also should I start them in cups or just put them in the ground after germination?
  2. Roots organic is what I use and I have used every soil and the results with the roots are amazing!!!
  3. Vital earth or roots organic the green bag not the 707 it's way better
  4. What made you want to do outdoor instead of indoor, OP? This is my first season of outdoor growing but I wish I could grow inside again. I use fox farms ocean forest, my plants seem to like it, a little nute burn here and there but it's all I know.
  5. Couple of reasons. Better yield outdoor. I have also heard outdoor is more potent.(Not sure though) And just overall better for my specific situation.
  6. [quote name='"toes420"']Vital earth or roots organic the green bag not the 707 it's way better[/quote]

    Which one do you have experience with?
  7. Roots Organic used in conjunction with subcools super soil. Only need to feed water, molasses, and mychorizzae...the smoke will knock your socks off.
  8. i have a pretty good super soil mix , i just use a 45year old organic potting soil mixed with subcools super soil and added perlite. all i do is water, foiler spray through veg, and mollases at the end:smoke:
  9. Hey Msad you know you can feed molasses during veg for extra carbs and more growth. I give em some throughout both cycles

  10. Fuk it... just use bud candy with the super soil... its amazing.. Subcool also only uses super soil and bud candy.
  11. I get soil by the yard from a local company that make soil for gaint nurseries. If your local stores have plants for sale in the summer then there is probably a soils manufactuer close. I use about 24 sq. yds for my outdoor grow and about 8 for my indoor. It's ph about 6.5 and is 99% organic.
    I get it for $47. yard. Works great. I also don't plant in the ground. Kiddie pools with fencing and plastic. Check it out:eek: I only averaged 2.75 lbs each. Hoping for a better year next year.:cool:
  12. Yeah just saw a guy do a comparison of budcandy versus molasses. In the end, molasses gives you denser buds with a lot of frost. While bud candy gives you even frostier nugs that are a little less dense, but taste better. So I guess if you can afford the BC then go for it...but it runs pretty expensive
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    This guy has it right. No reason to go out and buy fox farms or roots organic. You are better off making your own soil or looking for a nursery or landscaping company that has some good organic soil by the yard.

    Lots of those cannabis companies soils will give you deficiencies if you don't amend them further or feed them their brand of nutrients. FFOF puts redwood chips in their soil....

    Anyways you can get good soil without paying out the ass as you can see from this guys garden. And with the money you save you can use MUCH more dirt. And if your spot gets plenty of sun it should help positively effect the yield.
  14. Really you guys gotta understand that With the amount of soil I use I would have to spend 15,000. a year for soil instead of 2,000. Now is any of these fancy-shmancy grow shop soils 5X better than what I use. Fuck no! Obviously to get gaints you have to add some nute's at some stage. I put about 2lbs of a mix of blood, bone, feather, fish meals with green sand into the bottom of my pools. This takes care of them until budding begins. At that point worm casting, and guano tea for 2-3 apps and done.
    Real easy,cheap, and of course tasty. And also growing in container keeps pests out. It also conserves water and is weed free. "Bang"
  15. Roots organic, some will say its bad some will say its good. I am telling you roots organic works really well with the super soil recipe by subcool... The best "tasting" results said by many(inc subcool) is acheived in the roots organic mixture.

    Try to get a mixture with most of these ingredients, they will work really well and this mixture apparently is used by subcool to achieve more tastey bud instead of a bit fatter with other soil mixtures such as harvest moon.

    Roots Organic.
    Lignite*, coca fiber, perlite, pumice, compost, peat moss, bone meal, bat guano, kelp meal, Green sand, soy bean meal, leonardite, k-mag, glacial rock dust, alfalfa meal, oyster shell flour, earth worm castings and Mycorrhizae.

    many have been successful with this soil mixture.... this is used in conjunction with the super soil... this is the top half..super soil goes on bottom half.

    So in the end, its all about the specific ingredients you choose to be in your soil... some will give you fatter buds or some will give you more floral or more colourful etc.... just make sure its organic and good quality and proper drainage.
  16. A lot of Noobs out there just growing a few plants want to get really good results...buying the premade stuff is a great start, and makes it easier for them. But with the scale your growing and the level of your knowledge about the plant....of course you are going to buy your own peatmoss, perlite, and organic composts, then mix and feed your teas.
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    I would use two parts sphagnum peat, two parts pumice pebbles and/or lava rock, one part aged horse manure, and one part local soil.

    If you didn't want to go down to the home depot and drop the $10 for a huge bail of Premier Peat or can't carry in a large bail to the spot, compressed bricks of coco coir can be expanded on site making them handy for some outdoor types. I used to get them from the pet store packaged as eco-friendly lizard bedding. Just make sure to rinse them well when you reconstitute them. If you use manure check that the pile it came from had lots of worms crawling around and you should be just fine. Picking a spot where the worms already live and using that soil in the mix helps reduce the amount of stuff to haul in. Make sure that no Espoma is mixed into the top third of the hole you amend, otherwise critters may smell the blood meal in it and dig up your babies. Besides that, follow the label on the bag.

    As for your cup question, use the cups. It's best to have known female plants that have been grown indoors for a couple of weeks and then hardened off. Try to run them under the same length of daylight they would be getting outside at the beginning of the season to minimize the stress of the move outdoors. With just a few CFLs you could get plants sexed and synched to the conditions of the first day of the season. For example say your own research tells you that April 20th would be a safe day to put the plants outside without risk of frost. And let's say it's lit up for 13.5 hours on that day. Around March 20th, regular seeds would be started under 12/12. By three weeks, with some luck you should be able cull the males. The final week would run under a 13.5 hour a day light cycle that lines up with the sun and the plants would spend a few hours outside during the peak of sunniness. By April 20th, you have some females with a very fighting chance.

    Bad-ass plants that require very little maintenance for really cheap!

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