Best soil for autos?

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  1. ok basically i bought every items required to grow indoors, no im not wasting money, i have spare doe to waste so i might as well buy growing equipment.

    i have 4 CFLS 100watt (B&R), a normal fan just blowing air which also creates a vacuum that removes the air and brings in fresh air to my hydro system. im growing 4 AK48 autos but i really need advice on the soil to use.

    i have research alot about growing on this site and other guides but the only issue i have is buying the right soil. since all these Fox Farm and s*** like that is not available in the uk, i have only few options of soil to use and the most locally available is miracle grow!

    im wondering if its possible to grow with potting soil or do you need to mix it with something else? i also have multi-purpose compost but the only issue i have is the fact that i dont have a clue to wether you need to mix the soils or can use compost on its own or potting soil? what are the best to use for autos?

    please help out a noob!!!

    and yes i have searched this forum but i cannot find the answer for my question (maybe im not looking far enough but i cant be asked) and my question will just make it more easier to find an answer for people who are looking for them!
  2. hmmm i was thinking of buying it online, they do stock it in the uk but fought they might be other options that i can use.

    ive just seen your grow... what do you mix your FF soil with in the start? or is it just the FFocian forest on its own?
  3. anyone know the equivalent for a uk brand?
  4. I used a mix of 90% FF ocean forest and 10% perlite. It already comes with perlite in it though. I did some reading up on it and it seemed most liked to mix up some more perlite into it for better drainage.

    90/10 worked perfect for me. My next soil grow will be with FF ocean forest again, it is a superb soil in my opinion.
  5. i just bought some miracle grow potting mix to start of even though i heard its reallly shit but dont have much options with soil around here. ive ordered perlite so should arrive soon.
  6. If you already have good compost, I would suggest an organically amended soil mix. The time-release synthetic fertilizers found in regular MG will negate the effects of your compost. MG does however make an organic mix that would work well with what you have on hand. That in combination with an all purpose organic fertilizer should be enough for an ass-kicking start. Here's a breezy link to give you an idea of what kind of stuff to shop for if you feel like trying it : . Here's a little more meat:

    Also, are those 4 100 watt CFLs, or are they really just 23 watters (don't pay attention to the equivalency, we need actual usage)? If the latter is the case, you have 3 plants too many.
  7. hmm yup they are 100 watts i bought from B&Q. i just checked my babies and they are growing now! not broken out of the soil yet but me being so curious and impatient i just had to check up on my seed and it seems that there is life after all!

    i have one seed on full MG potting soil and the other 3 in MG potting soil + Multipurpose Compost Premium.
  8. Miricale grow organic. It doesnt have time released ferts. I mix mine with about 10 percent perilite.
  9. i have looked everywhere for perilite but no hope. i went to the major store b&q and they were out of stock completely!!!! so i ordered some online waiting for them to come!
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    You can substitute pumice, lava rock, and vermiculite (some will argue, but the carcinogens haven't been seen in it for a while now), or any mix of those for perlite.

    But seriously, I've never seen any CFLs over 42 watts without a separate ballast or a hydro store involved.

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