Best Sog Strain?

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  1. I am starting up a 4x8 fill and drain table sog style grow under 2 1000w hps. And i am wondering what is the best indica plant that is easy to grow in sog, short but good yielder, and just an overall great plant. If anyone has ANY suggestions i would appreciate it greatly. thank you! :smoking:
  2. blueberry
  3. Blueberry takes 10-12 weeks to flower. I am looking for one that is 8 weeks. I am growing dutch passion blueberry right now and on attitude it says 8-10 weeks to flowering and i want 7-9 weeks MAX! Say i am impatient say i am greedy. I know its true. haha
  4. ceres white indica on there website althought cheaper from the doc or attitude they say its flowering time is 44-55 days making it about 8 weeks and its a short stout plant covered in res...just my 2 cents i just orded them a week ago and am stoked
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  5. Kosh seems to take 8 weeks to the day. In 2 gallon pots you should be able to squeee in 55 :D
  6. Did you mean kush? And if so there are a million different kinds of kush. Anyone got some good strain of kush which is acceptional to the others?
  7. No I meant anal retentive dumbass!

    I've seen it spelt both ways with a U or an O ( . I specifically grow purple kush. BTW its exceptional not acceptional :rolleyes:
  8. Now a reply from someone thats not a total douche bag.
  9. i recommend either big bang or white widow from greenhouse seeds. both do excellent in sog/scrog set-up's and flower for 7-9 weeks.
  10. im waiting on some sensi star from paradise seeds to planning to sog the shit outta it.
  11. I just harvested a big bang plant yesterday, hangin up to dry right now. And to tell you the truth I'll never grow this plant ever again. Not only is it so fussy about nutes, its REALLY leafy buds. I am finishing up the lemon skunk too about 1-2 more weeks on that one but that plant is by far one of my favorites. INCREDIBLY crystally and GREAT smelling. I am interested in the violator kush they have on attitude. But STILL not one hundred percent sure. Anyone got anymore suggestions?
  12. Kushberry would do great in SOG, it stays pretty compact. It's OG Kush x Blueberry.

    Good luck getting ahold of seeds, you have to be quick on the mouse as places are generally always sold out.
  13. I know I'm a semi rookie at growing. But I'll have to go with White Widow. If you can wait 8-9 weeks for max yeild and potencty this is the way to go. You can scrog, or sog them and if you check my thread as of today I've gotten some pretty bad ass results at only 30ish days into flowering.

    WW... Also got a 1 original bb and two trainwreck on deck to enter the flowering dungeon.

  14. ATF is great in SOG. I have 15 in 3 gallon grow bags along with some other strains and the ATF is outperforming. Veged to 6" (9 days from rooted clone). Now 25 days into flower and looking great at about 22" and THICK with buds...
    This is where everyone says it isn't ATF and bla bla.. I got it from a dispensary last year and it is a wonderful indica with dense buds and a good stone.
  15. Oh yeah, 56 day flowering time on the ATF.
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    I'll be harvesting some "Skunk Special" (Seeds from Amstserdamn). The flowering time on this strain is only 7-9 weeks.

    I'm at 5 weeks so the hairs should start turning quickly....can't wait! I like to harvest early, when the bud gives you a social high, rather than a stoned feeling.

    The plants are easy to grow, and the yield is great, along with the high.:D
  17. I just harvested Lemon skunk today and that plant is soooooooo fucking good. The smell is amazing and the look is even better. Yield side is a little low but i just wanted to share that. As for the sog plant i am looking torwards Violator Kush or Kushberry. Anyone got some ideas on any other strains. How bout Afghan Kush?
  18. NL#5XH is the best indoor takes the time, worth the wait!

    For me its a "No Brainer" No Offese to all the very knowledgeable suggestions.
  19. Just throwing it out there but Auto Dwarf maybe, they grow short flower fast and can take alot of light, yield and strength i am unsure of. Try searching the forums for some SOG journals and find out what plants they are using, preferably a seasoned grower.

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