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Best social strain?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phx1, Aug 22, 2008.

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    For those who have been toking for a while and have had the chance to try out the many cannabis strains that exist out there.... which one do you think is the best SOCIAL strain? Meaning which one relaxes you, opens up your mind, gets you out of that personalistic perspective, decreases anxiety and allows a free flow of thought and words?

    I know different strains are better than others... for example, in my experience, with AK47 (sativa), anxiety was able to creep up on me and I had racing thoughts... so I'm thinking some indica mix or some sort would be better. But I don't know. What is your opinion on this?
  2. Himalayan Gold is a fantastic sativa strain that I enjoy immensely.

    I highly recommend it. Can be very potent too.
  3. to me white widow is a great social strain and just puts me in a nice mood.
  4. Cheese i would say. Or Ice O Lator hash
  5. Juicy Fruit is a great social strain.
  6. A close second-place for me, for sure.
  7. for me a strong sativa makes my thoughts too fast to talk, I personally socialize best on indica type strains. maybe a good kush
  8. Grand daddy Purple def. is
  9. do you get that from budmail?
  10. No sir, from a private medicinal grower that I've known for about 10 years.

    They get their seeds from the same place though :)
  11. Me and my friend usually have great discussions with Purple Kush and I'm a lot more open to go outside and hang out and skate with the neighborhood kids (though I don't skate haha). I've never smoked with a big group though. And Jedi makes me the least social I did it with my best friend who always smokes me out, his gf, and two of his gf's friends. The whole time I was just laying on the bed off to the side watching porn not talking while one of the friends dry humped my leg... :confused:!
  12. dogshit or donkeydick for sure.
  13. indeed. you seem like someone that knows their stuff sam
  14. second
  15. super silver haze or gdp for me, i must say.
  16. for me,

    NYCSD was the one strain that actually made me feel extrovertive,

    i smoked it with a dude i didnt even really like and we chilled all afternoon talking and drawing bullshittin.
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  17. Alaskian Thunderfuck?

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