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best smoking session you've ever had

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by the white rhino, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. i know everyone has that one time that you had a great session either with smoking alot of weed or with some really good dank. You'll have to bare with me its 7:30am and im really messed up. But my best session ever is when i bought a quarter pound of Purple Haze and saved all of my blunt roaches and rolled up a tri op which is 3 blunts rolled toghther and sat there with my 2 best friends and smoked the blunt that lasted almost 2 hours. I have never been so burnt b4 in my life. And since i feel like rambling there was a time on my 18th bday that me and 6 of my friends sat in my room for 4 hours and smoked a half pound of regs. and once again im sorry if im rambling but i have alot of drugs in my system and i figured what better place to talk.
  2. I had a great time with some pals at a rastaferian party. Good food, homemade ginger beer, and good weed. Laughter and good company made the evening a success.

    We had some good drumming going on and some good energy flowing. I tingled all over, just like a little dog rolling on a nice clean rug.
  3. the best smoking session i've ever had?

    i don't know... i don't remember much from it......:)

  4. 8 grams an hour for 4 hours. that seems impossible. congrats.

    edit: thats more than a gram every 8 minutes.

  5. Sounds like wasting herb to me,i dont think i would be able to hang
  6. a camp-out/smokin' session is the greatest, if only we had a shiet load of bud, it woulda been better.
  7. I'm holding off on telling a story I've already told. But a new one is me and my dog, which I have named properly Bud, hot boxed my bathroom multiple times over the weekend. This was at my cabin in our guest house thingy. Then we went and played on the beach. Very good times.
  8. "Pipe_420 Man,....My best session was soooo good I thought it was my best dream ever. I dreamt that I was so fucked up i couldn't do anyhting. People had to hold the pipe while I smoked...So high that I wasn't hungry....So high I could move but I felt better just sitting there. When I woke up my friend called me and asked if I was ok. I said yea and asked him...why? He then replied and I quote " And that fucking puff-it party you were so messed up it was too funny, i pissed my pants" So I knew it happened. "

    - shit that sounds amazing. and funny heh

    my best session was actually today. shit me and 3 friends went around the allies of downtown toronto to smoke some budd.. my friend had a new pipe.. clear glass, thick... hit soooo well.. shit. my friend totaly couldn't walk and he yell out stupid stupid things to say. this other guy and me were like laughing at him.. so funny.and me... i took some mad hits and i still feel some now.. that was like 3 hours ago..
  9. The best smoking session I ever had was in May of 2001...I was a senior in high school and I had my first car...

    My friend Nic used to call me at midnight or so and he'd sneak out of his house and I'd go pick him up and we'd drive around all night getting high. The night I graduated I picked him up as usual, and we smoked for about 3 hours and then we both fell asleep in my car..we woke up about 5:30 and he said he needed to get home to go to school. I already finished school, so I said "There's no school anymore", but I forgot that he wasn't a senior, so he did still have school. I had to take him home and he got there right when his dad woke up..he didn't get the chance to get inside first, so he told his dad he was smoking a cigarette before school, and he got away with it.

    Good times, good times :D
  10. One of the best times ever was when me and about 6 of my buddies baked the shit out of my friend owens car. We had 2 blunts and a steamroller going around at all times. Needles to say I was out of my mind high, plus i smoked about 4 bowls before I even got in the car!

  11. Hmm. I did it a different way. 7 people smoking 224 grams is 32 grams each over the period of 4 hours. Thats 8 grams an hour each. 8/60 = .133333333333333... grams per minute each. Magically if you multiply that by the amount of smokers(7) you get .9333333333333... We are both right. I was explaining how it would be damn near impossible for one person to smoke how much he said they did each(.13 grams a minute for 4 hours straight). Fuck this is way too technical, but word problems are fun.
  12. ONE of my fav times was when it was one of my really really good friends 15th bday. she had never really done any drugs and wanted me to come over. so i brought the goods we went to the train tracks and smokered up! we had so much fun just the two of us. out by the woods and singin lol yeah wes was singin, running around like a bunch of u had to be there;) i'll never forget it.
  13. One of the best times was whenever me and a few mates went down the street, smoked a shit load of hash, drank alot vodka and cider, smoked for hours and hours, i've had a brilliant whenever i took shrooms with cider and hash, one of the best times ever.

    There's been ALOT of good times.
  14. mine has to be a quarter of Northern Lights me and my cousin bought together. i have never smoked such good bud. he has been smoking for over 15 years and said it was the best shit he had ever had also. it was that quarter that made me decide to start growing my own...
  15. hmmmmm id have to say that the best session ive ever had was this one night with 4 of my friends around a fire in a driveway at one of my friend place. it was like one neverending chain of reffer. we had to have smoked half an ounce of weed 1 packs of cloves. by the end of the night we were so retarted that we could barely get up to walk insde. just to myself i packed 3 bubblers 8+ bowls and a blunt. it will definetly go down in my book of good nights.
  16. Damn so many good times I've had with Mary its almost impossible to count. Well one of favorites, which I bet all of you, can relate to is " THE FIRST TIME". I was 13 years of age and my friend told me that they were going to smoke some dank hydro.

    So I followed him around to his backyard where there were about 12+ people and they had blunts that were just going in a awesome circle. So I stepped in the ring of herb and I tell you this with all honesty I smoked like six blunts of dank hydro on my first time ever getting stoned. I remember everything so vividly. I remember feeling like reality itself was being torn apart and I was just laughing about it. We went into my friend's house and got so much food. I remember being in his living room and my friend got behind a towel and said that no one could see him, everybody was laughing at us because we were so stoned. So we left the house because Ryan and I were very hungry, one problem. Ryan had a bike and I didn't. The street goes downhill so it was really easy for him to get down to the intersection. I remember in my mind saying that I could run all the way down there and not be tired. Oh my god I was wrong I ran about twenty feet and I was out of breathe and just sit there laughing not being able to breathe and crying of not getting air. Everything went wrong I lost my friend and I thought like I was lost in a forest of suburban house and black pavement. Across from the intersection there is a little park called Gussie Field where a lot of people go. So I started walking down there in a trance looking at the little stream that divides the intersection from the park. Everything I saw was in unity like a good song or a natural heaven. Sitting down on the bench watching the water in all of its shimmering glory. Then the munchies hit me like a bag of bricks. Seeing a distant Seven-Eleven in the horizon I started making my way towards it. It was like everything was right the road had no cars coming and the sky was a light blue with no clouds. The ring of door opening made me laugh so hard I fell down on the cold but smoothing marble tiles. Walking over to candy isle, I bought two packs of bubble gum and a action figure. As I walked up to the counter I saw a little Asian man that made me giggle. But I couldn't giggle this was my moment of being mature and holding in my stoned ass. Laughing I pointed at the horny goat weed because it had a little confused goat on the cover of the packet. The man asked me if I was going to buy my stuff and so I proceeded to buy all of the items safely. I walked out of the store and started back through the park to the safety of my own house. Thirty minutes later I reached Ryan's house and I just sit down on the sidewalk like a little kid and took my gum wrappers out and started making weird little pieces of art with them. Finally Ryan had found me and told me that everybody was looking for me but I really didn't care because everything in my life was perfect. The final puzzle piece had been put into the picture and everything was there.

  17. if i didnt already love mary.....i would after that story

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