Best Smoking On The Down Low Indoors Guide Ever

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  1. 1. assess the risk. if you're in a college dorm room then you really shouldn't risk it. just go for a walk or something. or if you're living at home and your parents would go really crazy about it. or whatever situation.
    2. don't try to cover up the smell. if you have to cover up the smell, you fucked up and better get that shit aired out quick. 
    3. no pipes or joints. bongs only. absolutely no trail smoke can enter the room. 
    4. find a bathroom with a window. turn the sink water on hot and let it run while you smoke. 
    5. fill up your bong with just enough to get a big hit that you can hold for at least 5 seconds. you can't cough and you have to hold it. you'll see why. 
    6. now spark that shit up, but don't release the carb or pull out the bowl. suck all the ash into the water, and then keep sucking until the chamber is completely clear of smoke. then, hold for at least 2 seconds. if you don't the smoke won't come out in a smooth line, itll sort of just drift out in front of your face. you want all the smoke to be exhaled out the window and none to come back through, so check the direction of the wind with your lighter(once you master smoking indoors you can do it as long as the wind isn't so strong you can feel it while you're taking your hit). so either get a window with no screen, cut a little slit in the window and slip a funnel through, or just press your lips up to the window and exhale in a big breath. then quickly shut the window. 
    7. assess the damage. if done correctly, there should be a slight aroma of weed around you but no odor of burnt weed or strong bud smell. and if you were paying attention, you will have noticed whether any smoke got into the room. if more than a tiny whisp got in, you're totally fucked. you'll need axe or something to even attempt to cover it up.
    8. cover the smell. even if you didn't fuck up, just the burning weed will release a tiny of bit of bud aroma into the room. this can easily be overpowered by turning the sink on hot so it's nice and steamy and mixing some hand soap or shampoo or something in there. if you really need to cover the smell i would suggest mixing shaving cream, shampoo, hand soap, and then spraying anything. and opening the window after a few minutes. 
    i just felt like writing this because i started smoking bud when i was 15 and i would go on the internet and read all these total bullshit ways to cover up your pot smoking habits. and i even read one where they were like you can totally get away with smoking a cigarette in your bathroom if you run a shower. i didn't do it because i'm not retarded but that post probably got like hundreds of kids busted. and i really didn't get it down to an art until i was 17. i would always smoke in the shower but like 10% of the time my mom would catch me, which is a lot considering i was running a shower to cover it up. and i'm home now for the summer and hiding the smoke from my mom again so it just got me thinking. but i was also kind of careless and would use a g bong in the bathroom. just be smart. and its really not worth it to risk it if its a big deal if you get caught, cause theres a good chance youre gonna get caught. 
    anyways even when youre in a situation where you can smoke weed out in the open its still good to be able to go places you can't and be able to toke.
    but you wanna know the real best way to not get caught smoking inside? smoke outside.....


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