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best smoking method

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bontog, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. There are so many things to use and make to smoke and different ways to smoke. Which way do u guys think is the best way to get high? Get stoned using the least amount of bud? Choose pipes, bongs, papers. Or even explain how to make the best smoking device ever! I'm pretty interested. To me bongs get me highest. Just a good 1 or 2 foot bongs my personal choice.
  2. Vapes are the best way to smoke if you need to conserve weed, and IMO they give you the most potent high that's better than smoking. Yet I still enjoy smoking, so I'll usually take bong rips because believe it or not, it saves you more weed than rolling a joint or a blunt. When you light up a blunt or a joint, there is a lot of smoke that isn't inhaled and is essentially being wasted. When you take bong rips all of the smoke is trapped in the chamber and none of it goes to waste.
  3. Vapes usually give me a cleaner high, and they are better for you then smoking. Smoking (bongs are my choice) usually gives me more of a stoned feeling though, which goes well with indica strains (imo).
  4. If it gets you high, then it works for me.
  5. Vapes are nice for a smooth high, wheras I find if I want to get really baked I would take a bong. Chain smoking joints is great time I saw this thing on how to make a 100% marijuana cigar, which I thought would be pretty badass, but it is difficult to make...I'm going to look around for it and post back here when I do.

    EDIT: The weed cigar guide:

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