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Discussion in 'General' started by Steelerfan83, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. What are some of your best smoking memories?

    When I was 19, my grandmother fell very ill and my uncle flew in from San Diego. He was in his 50's and still smoked. So to make a long story short, he "volunteered" to drive me back to college one night. That night I rolled my first blunt ever ( it was a straight flute) and smoked with my uncle and my best friend still to this day. I just felt like weed could be made into a common ground for people of all difference walks of life. Please share.
  2. My favorite is when I had sex high for the first time.

    My girlfriend knew I was high but I didn't know she knew at the time, and she performed the best moves of every type with every part of her body int he right way.
    She is half black, too, so she has a knack for dancing and body movement.

    That was one of my best times with my girl and Mary.
  3. Probably the first time I ever smoked. Roor + hash + dank + no tolerance = highest of my life. It was like a fucking kaleidoscope the whole night :smoking:
  4. The time I dug up a corpse and made his head into a bong.

    It was a long messy job, but smoking out of that skull bong was totally worth it.
  5. My very first hit. We used a bong and it was soooo awesome. It was me, my brother, and his gf and smoked orange crush. :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  6. Back in my earlier years of toking on the first week of high school, went to a friends place and took a rip out of the infamous waterfall. I was totally wrecked, but ended up going to my afternoon classes. We also had two joints being passed on the walk back to the school.

    I'm still trying to figure out how I managed to ride out the remainder of the day without getting busted for stinking like bud.

  7. the time I shat myself the weed was so good....
  8. The day after I moved in my apartment senior year of college. my new roommate asked me if i smoked, i said "hell yes" and we started smoking blunts everyday until i moved out.
  9. First I think it's hilarious that she has a "knack for dancing". But I will agree that the 3some with Mary Jane is awesome. High sex cures any problem.
  10. I just got a new roommate a couple of months ago. During his first interview I told him that he has to be 420 compatible. We've been toking daily ever since. Makes conversation way more interesting and keeps the costs down.
  11. smoking a blunt in bed with a girl right after i got freak nasty,

    and her leaving the next day. . .

  12. Doing anything that would be memorable sober. I think this one time that I went to a 3D IMax movie was pretty awesome though. I recommend it to anyone.
  13. So damn many adventures and stories whilst high...

    The best,,, Has to be when I was gettin a BJ while smokin some weed... :smoke:
  14. smoking a double bub and zong in one sesh
    2 1/2 gram and 3 1/2 gram blunt in rotation with 4 other friends
    kickin back with my dealer and smokin... mostly joint rides.
    first gb hit (damnnnn)

    and a lot more that I cant remember at the moment...

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