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  1. I want to compile a Ultimate smoking music if you have suggestions please post...add a short description of why the song is good to smoke to.. i want a CD that i can smoke straight through without getting annoyed or bored of a song...
  2. There are several tunes on the new JPT Scare Band CD, Past Is Prologue, that are perfect for your needs. Try "Burn In Hell" or "Sleeping Sickness." If you wish to try before you buy, download the tunes for free at
  3. sublime - smoke 2 joints
    Bob Marley - jammin
    peter tosh - legalize it
    sublime - lets go get stoned
    ben harper - burn one down

    some of my favorites
  4. hey you know what song you have to but have to add to your cd

    mary jane - by scare face
    i love to get lit ass fuck to that song while i hotbox just knocking

    and yha subline - 2 joints too

    but more mary jane

    mary mary mary mary ......................
  5. come on people- sublime are the best band ever!
  6. Gonna have to add Dave Matthews Band to that list. Jimmie Thing is one of my favorite smoking songs!!
  7. bud smokers only...bone, thugs and harmony

    anything by ozomatly...

    and that one song by smashmouth from their 2nd album...
    "im getting stoned
    and what's wrong with that...
    the president seems to be just fine...
    so come on up and see me
    come on up just know...
    im gettin stoned...
    im gettin stoned..."

  8. I'd also make sure to have ample Pantera on the cd!!
  9. id have to say boards of canada - geogaddi. that stuff can get pretty scary while ur high, cuz u hear a lot more than when u r sober.
  10. Ulver-perdition city, it's an unbelievable record, like it says on the sub title "an soundtrack for inner movie". It's one of my alltime favourite records.

    but for songs:

    Front line assebmly-various tracks from epitaph and hardwired
    (very interesting industrial with tons of stuff to listen, the songs are constructed as normal rock songs, verse-chorus-bridge etc.)

    Godflesh-Almost heaven, angel domain, Circle of shit
    (deavastating, sort of an mix of dub-trip-hop-metal. ps listen to the bass)

    Neurosis-Stones from the sky, Eye, Away,
    (songs ae quite long and are propably best when listened in dark and late at night)

    Ministry-Filth Pig (the song)
    (this song is meant to be listened while stoned...)

    Uriah Heep-Gipsy Queen

    Santana- oye como va, Soul Sacrifice.

    Snoop Dogg-Hustlas and Gs
  11. grateful dead-truckin
    jimi hendrix-manic depression
    phish-split open and melt
  12. ok the finishing touched should be widespread panic. just get any song they do, get a bunch of 'em.
  13. 311, early Incubus, and (of course) Cypress Muthafuckin Hill
  14. jimi hendrix- purple haze
  15. If you're gonna toke yourself into new dimensions. slap on the Bose headphones and spin:
    The Beatles - The White Album
    Morphine - The Night
    Radiohead - Kid A
    Metallica - Master of Puppets
    Pink Floyd - The Wall
    ...maybe some Mountain Mirrors :)

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  16. Do or die, Bone, Twista, Necro, Cage, Cannibal Ox, Jedi Mind Tricks, RZA. I like shit with mellow beats and freaky sounds hehe. kinda sick of the mainstream poopy

    check out my smokin music, its old stuff but ill have new stuff up soon, let me know what you think. peace...
  17. All I gotta say is Beastie Mother Fucking Boys!!!
  18. My favorite smoking song is Aqueous Transmission by Incubus. Its so tranquil and peaceful, it makes for a good start to a high. I also like to listen to

    Slightly Stoopid
    Bedouin Soundclash
    Minus The Bear
    Modest Mouse
    Sigur Ros
    Postal Service
  19. lowrider by war, and also by cypress hill.....
    sensimilia - hobo
  20. some john butler trio - under an indian sky or used to get high. Nice songs when your high. Cypress hill are always good as well!

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